Top Ten Tuesday: Books by Authors I Love That I Haven’t Read Yet

While browsing through book blogs this week, I came across a weekly activity called TOP TEN TUESDAY, hosted by book blog That Artsy Reader Girl.  (Hat tip to A Kernel of Nonsense, whose blog first brought TTT to my attention).  I do love making lists, so I’ve decided to dive in on this week’s topic.

In no particular order, here are my top 7 books I haven’t read by my favorites authors.

THE YOUNG ELITES by Marie Lubook1

I tore through WARCROSS and am eager for WILDCARD. WARCROSS was action-packed but still found time to break my heart. Lu’s earlier series, The YOUNG ELITES seems tailor-made for me. Young people with supernatural powers, hunted by everyone, entangled in political alliances? Sign me up.

RECORD OF A SPACEBORN FEW by Becky Chambers9780062699237_p0_v2_s1200x630

I have loved both installments in the WAYFARER series. Each functions as a standalone book, though some characters appear in both stories. They’re deep in world-building with intricate characters, and I cannot wait to read the third book, which again focuses on a new ensemble.

THE WAY OF KINGS by Brandon Sanderson220px-thewayofkings

I’m going to be honest, the thing that has kept me from reading this is the length. My reading life is a constant struggle between wanting a good meaty read and knowing that I could finish three shorter books in the time it takes me to get through a thousand page tome. But MISTBORN was one of the books that turned me onto sci-fi/fantasy reading, and THE RECKONERS series was equally enthralling. I would be remiss if I didn’t buckle down and give this book a shot.

RENEGADES by Marissa Meyerla-et-renegades-cover-20170515

I read CINDER after spotting it on my sister’s bookshelf. I have since relocated that entire series to my apartment in a sibling joint custody arrangement.  Meyer’s sci-if spin on fairy tales was brilliant, and I’m very curious for this take on superheroes.

SIX OF CROWS by Leigh Bardugo9781780622286_1

I know, I know! How have I possibly not read this? When the book came out, I hadn’t yet read anything in the Grisha universe, and being a completionist, I had to start at the beginning. I’m all caught up now, so sometime soon I will finally get to this fantasy heist!

FOUNDRYSIDE by Robert Jackson BennettFoundryside RD4 clean flat

I picked up the ARC for this at SDCC and it is killing me that I haven’t had time yet to read it. THE DIVINE CITIES trilogy is one of my favorite series -the novels are all connected, but each is from a different character’s point of view, and they take places years, sometimes even decades apart. I cannot wait to see what new world he has created here.

THE SCORPIO RACES by Maggie Steifvater

the-scorpio-races-by-maggie-stiefvaterWhen it came to THE RAVEN BOYS, I was incredibly skeptical. I’m not a magical realism fan, and it seemed like the magic here was going to be more ephemeral than my usual fare. That ended up not mattering, because Stiefvater is a master wordsmith whose writing utterly captivated me. The logline of THE SCORPIO RACES doesn’t jump at me in the same way as others above, but I know that this will be a worthy read.


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  1. I really liked The Young Elites series overall. It makes me wish we could get more books with antiheroes. I still need to pick up Warcross though. I actually have a copy from the library, but finding it difficult to fit it in with all the other reads I’m supposed to get to. Hope you take part in this meme again!


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