Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I’d Love to Meet

We are back for another installment of The Artsy Reader’s Top Ten Tuesday!  This week’s topic: Author’s I’d Love to Meet.

Rather than list the many, many people I’d love to run into for five minutes to tell them how amazing they are, I decided to refine this list to the five authors I’d want to sit down with for a cup of coffee for a meaningful conversation about life, writing, and anything in between.  In no particular order, those authors are:

Marie Lu

The more I learn about Marie Lu, the more I want to become best friends with her. Prior to penning highly successful books such as THE YOUNG ELITE and WARCROSS, Ms. Lu worked in the video game industry.  Her genuine interest and affinity for all things nerdy really comes across in WARCROSS, one of the few times video games have been depicted in a way that didn’t have me screaming in frustration. On the list of topics of conversation: which Assassin’s Creed game is the best?

Jim Butcher

THE DRESDEN FILES series remains one of my favorite series of all time.  To me, it’s a tour de force in terms of setting up a relatively simple premise (a wizard detective in Chicago) and slowly mixing in elements until the story is swirling with faerie wars, a zombie T-Rex, and magical swords, just to name a few of my favorite moments.  I’ve heard Mr. Butcher speak on a few panels but I’d love to hear some more about his creative process and how he figured out all those story threads.

Sabaa Tahir

This one made the list because Ms. Tahir always seems like an absolute delight whenever I see her videos. Her recaps of previous books before the release of A REAPER AT THE GATES were both fun and informative (and I wish more authors did similar recaps, even if it was just a written summary). I can only imagine what an afternoon coffee with her would be like.

Nnendi Okorafor

I have been incredibly fascinated by the rise of Nigerian-inspired fantasy the last few years, and I would love to sit down and talk with one of the leading authors in the field.  It’s been refreshing to see myths outside the norm provide material for novels, and I’m very curious to hear about the stories that Ms. Okorafor drew from in AKATA WITCH and BINTI, stories that I am unfamiliar with.   Plus I want to thank her for the doodles she drew on my copy of AKATA WITCH while waiting for a signing to start!

Victoria Schwab

I’m allowing myself one entry of, “Can I just tell you how amazing your books are?” A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC was a big part of the summer that finally broke my reading slump a few years back, and I’m always excited to see what Ms. Schwab writes next. If the entire coffee was just a discussion of the amazingness that is Lila Bard, I would be a happy woman.

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