The Fall Book Tag!

I have a cup of coffee in hand and an excuse to blog about books provided by Bionic Book Worm!  Thanks to A Fictional Bookworm for linking to the idea!  Without further ado, let’s dive in.


This has to go to SENLIN ASCENDS by Josiah Bancroft.  It’s weird and bizarre and I’m still not sure if I “like” the book so much as I “appreciate” it, but it was definitely a fresh story I hadn’t seen before.



I was incredibly excited to get my hands on THUNDERHEAD, and it didn’t let me down. Neal Shusterman has a whole host of ideas wrapped up in a killer (pun intended) plot.  The ending has a crushing inevitability, and I cannot wait to see where book three goes. 33555224


WHEN DIMPLE MET RISHI by Sandhya Menon has a summer vibe, but I will happily re-read it in any weather.  This is an adorable YA rom-com that I will happily recommend to any fan of the genre.



And now for something from the speculative sci-fi genre.  AN EXCESS MALE by Maggie Shen King takes place in a near future in China, where a lack of women has made it socially acceptable for a family to have two or three husbands.  This is a domestic drama interwoven with some serious concerns about the future of surveillance states.



Tagging a recent read of mine, AFTER THE CROWN by K.B. Wagers.  Former smuggler, current space Empress Hail Bristol has to dodge one assassination attempt after another as she fends off claimants to her throne.  Laser fights and space battles, what more could a girl want?



There’s a lot of good things coming out in the next few months, but currently the book I want NOW is THE WINTER OF THE WITCH by Katherine Arden.  Her books are absolutely beautiful wintry fairy tales, and I’m very much looking forward to the conclusion of this trilogy.


Want to participate?  Post your own tags, and link back to host blog Bionic Book Worm!  I look forward to seeing everyone’s lists!

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