Highlights from Epic Reads’ ARC Party

Epic Reads hosted an ARC Party today on Instagram, showing off shiny new ARCS for books releasing January 2019 through April 2019.  Below are a few of my favorite new books coming next year.

For the full list, check out Epic Reads’ cover reveal post, or view today’s Instagram Live cast.  Their are PLENTY more books discussed in the video, particularly if you like non-magical modern day YA.

38205303THE TIGER AT MIDNIGHT by Swati Teerdhala
Pitched as an “enemies become lovers” book, it’s an epic fantasy where a female assassin crosses paths with the nephew of her current target, a cruel general. Circumstances of course force them to work together if they want to survive.  On the surface, the premise is a little familiar, but this draws from Indian and Hindu mythology, which definitely gives it bonus points on my interest scale.  This is the first of a trilogy.

38739561THE PIONEER by Bridget Tyler
The quick pitch for this book was THE 100 meets ILLUMINAE, which pretty much sold me in an instant.  A young woman arrives on a new planet after a terrible accident killed her brother on the journey over.  Now she has to help her family establish a settlement, while also struggling with her grief.  She’ll have to grapple with a terrible secret she’s discovered that could destroy everything the colony is working for.

29751998THE CERULEAN by Amy Ewing
The first part of duology, it follows Sera, a young woman who is destined to sacrifice herself to break the tether that ties her city to the “earthly world below.”  Honestly, the plot is a little fuzzy to me, but there’s enough in the synopsis to get me intrigued.


35553692CIRCLE OF SHADOWS by Evelyn Skye
The author of THE CROWN’S GAME takes a break from Russian-inspired magic to bring us a magical tale inspired by feudal Japan. A young woman who is an apprentice ninja wants to make her mark on the world and prove she is ready to graduate to the elite ranks of her society, but with the kingdom at peace, what’s a girl to do?  So when Sora finds a mysterious band of soldiers in the kingdom, she takes it upon herself to infiltrate them and discover their secrets.  This means, of course, that she will get in way over her head.

What are your favorites discussed today?  Post in the comments!


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