First Impression: SORCERY OF THORNS by Magaret Rogerson

sorceryofthornsYesterday, the B&N Teen Blog revealed the cover and first chapter for the upcoming fantasy book, SORCERY OF THORNS.  Having read the synopsis and chapter, all I can say is, “How do I get my hands on this sooner than June 4th??”

SORCERY OF THORNS is set at a magical library that houses some of the most dangerous books in the realm. They aren’t just dangerous for the words within them.  These books are alive and will try to eat you or get in your head or a host of other horrible things.  Our heroine is Elisabeth, a young woman training to be a warden at the library. According to the synopsis:

But when Summershall’s director is found murdered, and Elizabeth is blamed for the crime, her dream of becoming a warden seems forever out of reach. The intervention of a secretive young sorcerer saves her from imprisonment, but her trials are only beginning, as she discovers the Summershall attack is part of a far greater plot.

The first chapter quickly establishes the dangers of the books the wardens guard.  It’s definitely a set up I found myself very curious to read more about.  Elisabeth is a heroine who is determined but deeply unsure of herself, and I look forward to seeing how her journey (hopefully) makes her grow and evolve.

Did you have a chance to read the excerpt?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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  1. I saw this reveal as well, and at first I thought this was a sequel to An Enchantment of Ravens, but it’s not! I didn’t read the excerpt, but I’ll go back and read it today. I love the idea!

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