First Impression: THE GILDED WOLVES by Roshani Chokshi

a18aiwe9bmlI had a feeling just based on the summary that I was going to love THE GILDED WOLVES, and the recent excerpt posted on BookishFirst has only cemented that impression. Set in 19th century France, THE GILDED WOLVES centers around a band of magical young people who work together to steal magical artifacts from preeminent families.  This title will release on January 15th, 2019.

Full Disclosure: I will be receiving an ARC of this book from the publisher, it has not affected my review in any way. 

The excerpt I read is an absolutely elegant tease.  It deftly sets up the mythology and the characters, dropping you in media res but making it feel like you’re stopping in to see some old friends. In the world of THE GILDED WOLVES, legend tells of five Babel Fragments scattered about the world, encouraging the blossoming of civilization in their wake.  The fragments give to some the gift of Forging, the ability to craft exquisite creations with magical properties. Masks made of ice that never melt.  Stone statues that guard rooms.  And managing all these magical artifacts are the Houses, families of magical lines that are sworn to protect the Babel Fragments.

Séverin used to belong to one of those Houses.  For reasons undisclosed at the beginning of the book, his inheritance was denied upon the death of his parents, and his House declared ended. For the last few years, Séverin has embarked up a quest of “reclaiming” artifacts that had been stripped from his family, assembling a band of talented misfits to execute cons and heists.  The excerpt I read features Séverin and an accomplice in the middle of one such heist – a heist that ends up going wrong.

Those of you who read my earlier posts about my love of ragtag ship crews know that I love a group of people coming together to do a thing, a love that extends to the heist genre. We get glimpses of the different members of Séverin’s merry band, some with secrets, all with certain talents.  I cannot wait to see more of this group and watch them work together.  The setting of L’Eden, a hotel that Séverin owns and manages (and also uses as a base of operations) is one of those magical places I’d love to visit, were such a hotel to exist.  All in all, an excellent introduction to what I’m hoping will continue to be a fantastic read next January.

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