Black Friday Book Haul

Like many of you, I have a very bad backlog of books I need to read.  Yet the Book Outlet Black Friday came around and…well, I now have eleven new precious babies gracing my floor (because I have officially run out of bookshelf space.  Yes, ordering new books was definitely a logical choice).  With such an extensive order, I had to dedicate an entire post to this haul alone.  You’ll see a lot of series represented in this post – this is part of my gearing up for a reading project I’m kicking off in 2019 – stay tuned for more details later this week!

51b-76soggl-_sx329_bo1204203200_SPACE OPERA by Catherynne M. Valente
This standalone sci-fi tale is inspired by the real world singing competition, Eurovision, a phenomenon I was unaware of until this book was released.  In SPACE OPERA, the Metagalactic Grand Prix is an annual singing competition and beauty pageant held amongst the sentient species of the galaxy in order to prevent another devastating war.  Humanity wants to be counted among the elite of the galaxy, so they’re entering this year’s competition – except failure means that the human will be wiped from existence.  That sounds like grim stakes, but everything I’ve heard says that this is just an absolutely bonkers, fun adventure.

91wvunntcvlHEROINE WORSHIP by Sarah Kuhn
This is book two of the HEROINE COMPLEX trilogy.  While the first book didn’t blow me away, it was a fluffy enough read that I’m stashing this away for when I need something that’s pure fun.  Book one focused on Evie Tanaka, assistant to the superhero Aveda Jupiter; HEROINE WORSHIP focuses on Aveda herself, whose dealing with losing the limelight in the wake of the rise of a new hero.  This is a very tongue-in-cheek series (did I mention villains in the first book included a hoard of demonic cupcakes?) and I look forward to a delightful romp.

51goe07cl4lTHE COLD BETWEEN By Elizabeth Bonesteel
The first in the CENTRAL CORPS sci-fi series, we follow Commander Elena Shaw, an engineer who is thrust into the middle of a murder mystery when her crewmate is murdered, and the main suspect is her lover.  In order to prove his innocence, Elena will have to dig into a decades-old conspiracy and put herself in the path of some very dangerous factions. This has been on my list for a while, and I’m hoping it will be a new series to enjoy!

510ynlsk7fl-_sx325_bo1204203200_THE INVISIBLE LIBRARY by Genevieve Cogman
Speaking of new series to start, this is one has been I’ve been hearing about for ages.  It seems tailor-made for book worms everywhere; after all, the protagonist is a reality-hopping librarian who travels about collecting incredibly rare books.  With all the meaty books I’ve been reading of late (which I definitely enjoy), I’ve been looking for a few new “light” series to put into the rotation, and this is a current candidate.

91pr6ycunblTWO SERPENTS RISE by Max Gladstone
I absolutely love worlds where the extraordinary are treated as mundane.  THE CRAFT SEQUENCE scratches that itch, following lawyers, risk managers, and other corporate type entities who deal with magic, gods and catastrophes.   This time around, gambler and risk manager Caleb Altemoc is sent to cleanse a water supply after a terrorist attack.  He, of course, finds himself embroiled in a much larger conspiracy, one that hits close to home when it’s revealed his father is involved.

51hogix252bl-_sx335_bo1204203200_BLACK WIDOW: FOREVER RED by Margaret Stohl
This is one of those “maybe someday” reads that I’ve been vaguely curious about.  With a price of $2 during the sale, I decided now was as good a time as any to check out this Marvel tie-in book.  Black Widow, on the trail of her former Red Room trainer who made her the brutal assassin she is, recruits Ava Orlova, a teenager she once rescued from brutal experiments, to aid her in her quest.  I’ve had a very wide range of success and fails with superhero tie-in books, so we shall see where this lands.

updraft_comp2UPDRAFT by Fran Wilde
This has been on my TBR FOREVER.  Kirit Densira has just earned her literal wings, when an accident causes her to break one of the most sacred laws of her people.  To save her family from punishment, Kirit joins the secretive ruling body known as the Singers.  There, she engages in dangerous training at the Spire, while also investigating the rumors and mysteries hiding inside.  The reviews for this series have been stellar, another high priority!

51jj4zpwp8l-_sx331_bo1204203200_LOST STARS by Claudia Gray
I absolutely loved BLOODLINE by Claudia Gray, her exploration of General Leia Organa in the months before THE FORCE AWAKENS.  LOST STARS was Claudia’s first STAR WARS book and it’s supposed to be fantastic.  Two close friends are driven apart by their differing views on the Empire. When one joins the Rebellion, they’ll find themselves on different sides of an escalating war.

51dimrpqvpl-_sx328_bo1204203200_AN ALCHEMY OF MASQUES AND MIRRORS by Curtis Craddock
I was spurred to finally buy this upon realizing that the sequel will be upon us in a few short weeks.  Princess Isabelle has been betrothed to a prince she barely knows.  While Isabelle believes this marriage is best for her kingdom, she’s more than a bit concerned that the prince’s two previous wives were murdered. Isabelle, aided by her considerable intellect and her musketeer Jean-Claude, sets out to unravel the conspiracy that threatens the land.

91mhlb6qodlMEDUSA UPLOADED by Emily Devenport
This was a top book I wasn’t able to get to this year.  As much as the advent of Skynet in real life terrifies me, I am a sucker for human/AI bonding stories. Oichi Angelis is shoved out an airlock by the Executive clan of her generation starship in order to cover up their many secrets.  Instead of dying, Oichi is rescued by a Medusa AI, who helps Oichi to uncover just what it is that the ruling body is hiding.

51whahbbsdl-_sx331_bo1204203200_STILETTO by Daniel O’Malley
The sequel to THE ROOK, a book I read earlier this year ahead of the television adaptation coming in 2019.  In this version of London, there’s a secret organization called the Checquy which handles all manner of supernatural threats, from vampires to dragons.  Myfanwy Thomas, heroine of THE ROOK, is back to negotiate an alliance between the Checquy and their centuries-old enemies, the Grafters.  Naturally, there’s a conspiracy afoot as someone tries to derail the talks.

And that’s a wrap!  I’m very excited to read all these darlings – if only so they’ll stop staring at me pitifully as they beg to be read.






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