Top 5 Characters I Want as Best Friends

This week, I went diving back into the archives for my Top Five Tuesday Post: Characters I Want as Best Friends.  Thanks to Bionic Book Worm for the idea!


Mercy Thompson (MOON CALLED by Patricia Briggs)
Mercy would teach me how to fix my car, makes a mean chocolate chip cookie, and frequently defends the Tri-City area from the forces of evil. Definitely best friend material!  Additional positives include a quippy sense of humor and an absolute devotion to friends and family.  The fact that she turns into a coyote and hangs with a supportive group of werewolves doesn’t hurt either.

Emika Chen (WARCROSS by Marie Lu)
I’d like to think there’s a perfect world where Emika and I just hang out and play video games all day, and absolutely crush at playing Warcross together. The fact that she’s smart and tenacious doesn’t hurt either.

Harry Dresden (STORM FRONT by Jim Butcher)
Sarcastic wizard detective?  Sounds like best friend material to me!  Plus, he has giant somewhat magical guardian dog named Mouse and is always there to put his life on the line for his friends.  But really, I just want to be part of his DnD group.

Murderbot (ALL SYSTEMS RED by Martha Wells)
Sometimes the mark of a true friend is someone you can be in the same room with without needing to say a word. I know this would be true with Murderbot.  We’d be perfectly content to watch media together without demanding anything from the other.

Hail Bristol (BEHIND THE THRONE by K.B. Wagers)
For my more adventurous days, I can’t imagine more fun than running about the galaxy with Hail Bristol.  It’s a dangerous life, but at least I’d have a no-nonsense smuggler who can engage in combat with a smile on her lips!




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