Top Five Tuesday – Characters That Sort into Hufflepuff

We are in week three of Bionic Book Worm’s celebration of Hogwarts Houses!  This Top Five Tuesday, we are looking at characters that sort into Hufflepuff.  If you need a refresher, a Hufflepuff has the following characteristics:

They are hard working, determined, tenacious, loyal, honest, genuine, well rounded, fair and just, open minded, giving, good hearted, accepting, compassionate, practical, patient, unemotional, and dependable. Their loyalty is not given – it’s earned.

So who in the bookverse can be counted amongst the Hufflepuff?

220px-all_systems_red_-_the_murderbot_diaries_1_28cover29Murderbot – ALL SYSTEMS RED by Martha Wells
Yes, you heard me, a character named Murderbot is a Hufflepuff. While Murderbot swears up and down it wants nothing to do with humans and just wants to be left alone, it continuously finds itself in the position of defending humans from bad guys or from their own stupidity.  And for humans who have earned its loyalty, Murderbot will put its life on the line for them.

a18aiwe9bmlLeila – THE GILDED WOLVES by Roshani Chokshi
In the found family that lives at Hotel L’Eden, Leila is the glue that holds the team together.  She’s patient with everyone and understands how to manage their tics.  One of my favorite scenes in the book is when she gives a character three different dress options to choose from based on her spectrum needs – one has threads the character can count to soothe her nerves, while another is purely utilitarian. But Leila doesn’t blindly follow, she calls people on their BS and will walk away without hesitation if she feels she or her friends are being disrespected.

91weeeq8bvlMeg – WRITTEN IN RED by Anne Bishop
When Meg first shows up at the Lakeside Courtyard, she’s understandably a bit of a nervous wreck.  Abused and kept in an institution by those who want to use her gift of prophecy for their own gain, Meg barely knows how to operate in the human world, let alone how to trust another human.  But when she is taken in by the supernatural creatures known as the Others, Meg finds a family and she learns to trust not only them, but her own instincts as well.  Once Meg gains her confidence back, she’s not afraid to assert herself, and to put herself at risk for her friends.  Meg’s gift of prophecy requires a cut to be made on her body, and she will readily do it if she senses that danger is threatening the Courtyard.

Foundryside RD4 clean flatGregor – FOUNDRYSIDE by Robert Jackson Bennett
There’s a definite case to be made that Captain Gregor is a Gryffindor, but he certainly has a strong Hufflepuff core.  After experiencing the horrors of war, Gregor returned home and dedicated himself to establishing a police force in the lawless slums that have been left to fend for themselves by the four ruling merchant houses. Despite ridicule and no support from any of the family’s, Gregor carries on, believing he can make a positive difference in the world.  He is always going to do the right thing, even if that means bending the rules.

51rytzj7p5l-_sx331_bo1204203200_Emmory – BEHIND THE THRONE by K.B. Wagers
When Emmory first becomes Hail Bristol’s bodyguard, he’s wary of the gun-running princess who doesn’t want to come home to do her duty.  But as he sees Hail prove her dedication to her people and reluctantly take up the mantle of leader, Emmory becomes her unwavering supporter and confidant.  Emmory will lay down his life for Hail as well as tell her when she’s being too stubborn for her own good.



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  1. Haven’t heard about the other books before but I’m so excited to get my hands on The Gilded Wolves. And Murderbot sounds interesting and someone I’d like to read about.

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