February Wrap up

February, for better or for worse, is a short month, but it was also a month to see if some of my reading experiments held up.  A deluge of ARCs (my bad) threw a wrench in some of my grand plans, but all is not lost!

Great Series Read Project Update
The Great Series Read Project was a plan I had devised to get me to read all the novels in a series back to back, and yet on my second month, I didn’t find room for my planned read.  Part of this was because of a last minute addition to my reading queue in the form of LAKE SILENCE, in order to prep for a late NetGalley approval for WILD COUNTRY – so I inadvertently started and caught up on a different series, which was the point of the #GSRProject to begin with!  Since the point of these goals is to help provide focus, not stress, I’m still playing with how flexible I want to be with this project.  The balance of mood-reading and actually holding myself accountable to finish a series has always been challenging, and March looks like I will start ANOTHER series (although one that was on my list).  The real testament will be April, when we shall see if I ACTUALLY read a book two or just continue not confronting my on-going problem.

Quarterly Book Bingo
This experiment is a little more tentative.  My goal with this bingo was to make sure I’m reaching into all the different places I have books and recs stashed away.  While I checked a few easy boxes early on, I made no progress in February.  As I wanted to reset these goals every three months, I’ll have to take a fresh look at how I approach this challenge and maybe narrow the scope.

Reviews/Books Read

THE AFTERWARD by E.K. Johnston – 2.5/5 Stars
FOUR DEAD QUEENS by Astrid Scholte – 3/5 Stars
FOUNDRYSIDE by Robert Jackson Bennett – 4.5/5 Stars
PRIDE by Ibi Zoboi – 3/5 Stars
THE SMOKE by Simon Ings – 2/5 Stars
THE BIRD KING by G. Willow Wilson – 3.5/5 Stars – Review Forthcoming

Beat the Backlist Bingo Progress – 6/24

New Squares:
–  One Word Title – FOUNDRYSIDE by Robert Jackson Bennett
– #ownvoices – PRIDE by Ibi Zoboi

Quarterly Bingo Progress 5/9

I didn’t check any new boxes this month, but March is looking better!  I’m setting aside ARCs for a backlist binge that should finally make some progress here.

Retellings Bingo Progress – 2/24

New Square:
– Bronte or Austen – PRIDE by Ibi Zoboi

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