Things I Love: Mercy Thompson

As part of this month’s Wyrd and Wonder, I wanted to give a shout out to a character and series that is near and dear to my heart. Mercy Thompson entered my life when I was suffering from a commute from hell, sometimes up to two hours in each direction, and audio books were my life.   But they had to be a specific kind of audio book to hold my attention.  They had to be fun, action-driven, full of great characters I wouldn’t mind spending hours and hours and hours with. The MERCY THOMPSON series, by Patricia Brigg, checked every single box I needed.  The books follow Mercy Thompson, a mechanic in the Tri-City area who also has the ability to shapeshift into a coyote, who inevitably gets pulled into various supernatural  mysteries and attacks in the area.

These days, my commute is blessedly shorter and I read the books in hard copy, something I’m grateful for, given the absolute beauty of some of these covers.

So what are some things I love about Mercy and this series? Mild spoilers ahead!


Mercy is a bad-ass and a softie.  This is a woman who makes a living as a mechanic, goes toe-to-toe with supernatural creatures of all shapes and sizes on a regular basis, and also makes a mean chocolate chip cookie.  She will curl up for a movie night and then drop everything to go spear a monster that is threatening her friends.  Mercy is 100% a person I would want to be friends with in real life, which means that every time I open a new book, it’s like an old friend is coming to visit!

fire touched_front mech.indd

Found Family.  It’s a favorite trope of mine, and it’s one that crops up repeatedly throughout the series.  Mercy begins the series with a tenuous relationship with the local werewolf pack – not quite friends, though definitely not enemies.  As they work together over the series to defeat various foes, and Mercy gets closer with the alpha, Adam, she becomes fast friends with many of the pack members. Within the pack itself, pack is family, and every member will put their lives on the line to protect another member of the pack.  As the series goes on and Mercy gains more supernatural allies, it becomes fairly common for her to walk into the pack house and encounter someone from a previous book.  It’s always fun to see recurring characters who are now honorary family members!


Mercy and Adam is a relationship of equals. Mild spoilers, if you haven’t guessed where this urban fantasy is going, Mercy and Adam eventually end up together.  It’s a relationship that develops out of friendship (another favorite trope) but one thing that Mercy is very clear about is that she wants to make sure that no weird pack hierarchy things are going to ask her to “submit” to Adam.  It’s a bit messy at first as Mercy works out her feelings on their dynamic, but she is very much her own woman and doesn’t hesitate to call Adam out when he deserves it.  This is a pair that realizes that they each live dangerous lives but neither would suggest the other stop putting themselves in danger to protect others.  They each trust the other to make the right call and know their limits.

Those are the top reasons of my many many reasons for loving the Mercy Thompson series.  Are there any other Mercy Thompson fans out there?  What do you love about the books?  Share your thoughts below!

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  1. I really want to give this series a try! I’ve owned the first book for years and still haven’t read it so I need to get on that, because when I have a craving for urban fantasy it’s books like these that hit the spot. You’ve made me even more eager to pick it up. 🙂

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  2. Hallo, Hallo Caitlin,

    Swinging through the feeds of #WyrdAndWonder – I’m one of your co-hosts for the event, and I’m spending this weekend going through the blogosphere to see what everyone is posting, sharing and reading this first week! We’re off to a brilliant start and what I love most is how we’re all reading or sharing beloved series! This year I’m spending quite a heap of time digging into the stories I wanted to read last year whilst adding in new authors I’ve just recently met through #ReviewPit!! 🙂 I’m focusing on a heap of Indie Press/Pub or Self Published authors, too.

    I personally love shifter narratives and paranormal plots – I’m reading the October Daye series this month as it is a RAL I’m co-hosting but haven’t had the chance to read. You caught my attention with this s/o post – as sometimes I feel a lot of these series/stories are a nudge outside my comfort zones but then, when the #ADayeAMonth RAL came up this year, I thought why not? I liked the idea of it and so far, I’m enjoying my stay within the series though mind you, I’m still *on!* Rosemary and Rue! lol

    I can relate to what your talking about where stories on audiobook reach you at a pivotal moment in your life — for me it was the #KayHunter series – a dramatic crime drama series centred on Kay Hunter as you weave through an active police procedual series whilst honed in on her personal life. I needed the distraction at the time I was introduced to the series (ie. my Dad had a moderate stroke two years ago) and it became this series I could not wait to continue listening too! I’ve been blessed to be on the blog tours for it – hearing the first five through the tours and then, the last two via my Scribd subscription. I’ll purchase the last two eventually through Audible (where the rest are homed) but for now.. I agree – some series just really attach to you and they give you so much in return!!

    I *love!* Found Family narratives!! 🙂 Inasmuch as I love fierce women in lead roles – when it comes to quirky plots and how fast your life can chance paranormally speaking – this is what led me into the Urban Fantasy series by Ms Chris (an author friend of mine and a beloved novelist who writes the kind of stories I love reading) — search for the Tipsy Fairy Tale series on my blog – its quirky and I love how the plots are fuelled by having this ‘otherworld’ within reach of the character’s home life in our ‘world’. There is a strong found family aspect to the series, too!

    I’ll see if this is avail as an audiobook on Scribd — however, I might see if my local library has them – as they had October Daye — of course, til someone requested them and I lost them (again!) and had to fetch them via ILL’ing! lol The journey I’ve had with October Daye is out of a book itself as it sounds so mad crazy! lol I’ll have to remember to talk about that when I go to share my thoughts on my blog this #WyrdAndWonder!!

    Thanks for this lovely intro and I love how you shared bits of the story – I never consider stuff like that to be a spoiler… I blog the heart out of the stories I’m reading too, as that is the only way to encourage people to read them. I love knowing a reader’s thoughts on characters, world-building and the direction of the plot itself – I don’t like mini-reviews or shorter reviews as I hardly can ascertain should I or shouldn’t I fetch that myself? I really love knowing *exactly!* what motivates someone to read a book and then, what were their takeaways? What did they love or hate about it? Those kinds of posts or reviews motivate me the most and thus, you’ve tipped an interest into this series for me! I’ll keep you updated if I can dig into it myself… or if I just had a lovely moment listening to your thoughts! Rock on!

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    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Jorie, as well as helping to host Wyrd and Wonder! I’m so glad that this series intrigues you and that I could help spread the joy of Mercy Thompson. 🙂 October Daye is definitely an urban fantasy series on my list to check out, I love this genre and would be incredibly happy to find another long running set of books to dive into!

      Happy Fantasy Reading this month!

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      1. OOoh it is such a wicked blast to be one of the co-hosts of this event!! Definitely has tucked itself into my bookish heart and seeing everyone conversing about Fantasy and the fantastical this month across blogs/Twitter/bookstagram/Litsy/etc has been a sweetened joy, truly! 🙂 Hope the stories you’ve been reading are as equally enjoyable as the ones I’ve been queuing myself to read 🙂

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    1. I totally get that! I felt that the fact that the incident isn’t just brushed away and that Mercy in the next book will still be working through what happened and dealing with it made it more than just a shock value event. She needs some time to recover, but she does come to terms with it. And there’s still plenty of Mercy ass-kicking in the future!


  3. Love this series! When I started to get overwhelmed with too much Urban Fantasy this was one of the series I kept up with long past the others (although I have since fallen off and need to catch up). Great to see these books getting some love. 🙂

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