Review: STORM CURSED by Patricia Briggs

Publisher: Ace Books
Page Count: 355
Release Date: May 7th, 2019
Series: MERCY THOMPSON, Book 11
Rating 4/5 Stars

Note: I was provided a free full copy of the book by the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.

91AKNlV5IfLEver since Mercy Thompson declared the Tri-Cities area under the protection of herself and her mate’s werewolf pack, she’s been run a little ragged making sure that protection is enforced.  On top of hunting murderous goblins and the weird flare up of zombie creatures, Mercy has been asked to negotiate the terms of a meeting between the US government and the fae so that they can hammer out a deal of peaceable coexistence, now that the fae have revealed their presence to the world.  But life becomes far more complicated when a coven of witches arrives in the area, intent on claiming the territory for their own and disrupting the peace talks.

STORM CURSED is a fresh fun installment in the MERCY THOMPSON series. One of my favorite aspects of it was the return of several familiar faces, as Mercy calls upon the many many members of her found family to help deal with various problems throughout the book.  It’s a delight to have her walk into the pack house and find Joel, the shape-shifting volcanic-dog spirit, hanging out, or to watch Mercy put the very human lawyer Kyle in charge of pack members in a crisis because she knows everyone’s a little intimidated by him.  There were a few times I had to wrack my brains about when Mercy had crossed paths with a certain character (the hazard of being ten books into a series) but it didn’t hamper my enjoyment of seeing old friends crop up around every corner.

As for the plot itself, it was the usual well-done fare of a new supernatural threat encroaching on the pack.  While the main threat is resolved, this, more than other books in the series, left some threads hanging and unresolved, setting up new threats down the road.  One minor flaw that bugged me: I was a bit surprised that Mercy at one point delegated investigating what seemed like a burgeoning crisis so that she could handle a seemingly more minor problem, her blasé attitude about something she hard heard on the phone baffling to me, but it’s a nit pick in an otherwise utterly consumable book.  There were also some surprising developments for a few side characters, and I will be curious to see how things play out in the future.

I want to take the time to give one other shout out, and that’s to the fact that Patricia Briggs never once in this installment relies on jealousy or mistrust between Mercy and her husband Adam to drive the plot forward.  These two have a rock-solid relationship, and while Adam may always want to put himself between Mercy and danger, he also respects her enough to know she can handle herself.  Likewise, when Adam is keeping secret meetings due to his government work, Mercy’s never suspicious.  She knows it’s his job and when he can tell her he will and that there is absolutely no reason to worry.  These seem like fairly basic and easy things in a relationship, but it is also surprisingly easy for lazy writers to use these tropes to create drama.

If you’re new to the Mercy Thompson series, I highly recommend you go back and start at the beginning!  You’re more then welcome to try and start with book eleven, but it will be much more rewarding to devour everything that comes before.  Returning fans, you’ll find another entertaining adventure that returns your favorites to you, even as it threatens them with imminent danger.

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  1. Yes, I respect the hell out of Briggs for forgoing the usual BS conflict that seems to plague a lot of UF couples. The ending to this one was pretty awesome, the way Adam never wavered and Mercy never doubted him for a second 🙂

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    1. Totally! I subconsciously braced myself for that “ping of jealousy.” Loved that instead I got a Mercy who knew that Adam had things under control, he just had to come to terms with a difficult situation.


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