One Year Blogaversary!!

I am honestly shocked to be writing this post.  I’ve been blogging continuously for a full year!  While Realms of My Mind was founded a few years ago, I had no real aim or focus and fell off after a handful of posts.  But on August 23rd of 2018, I posted my first book review for the gem of a fantasy mystery, CITY OF LIES by Sam Hawke.  It took me a bit to find a blogging rhythm, even longer to get the nerve to start tweeting, but now I can’t imagine my life without my book blog and the amazing people I’ve met!

I created Realms of My Mind for a few reasons.  First and foremost, I wasn’t feeling creatively challenged in my life and wanted some kind of ongoing project I could work on.  Close runner up is that I desperately needed an outlet to flail about amazing SFF books (and occasionally video games).  I have very nerdy friends, but they don’t read as much as me, and sharing excitement isn’t nearly as fun when the other person isn’t enthused, or when you have to go into an exhaustive rant to lay out the foundation of why this thing is JUST SO COOL.  Lastly, I would be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t tempted by the ARCs.  I wanted to be one of the cool kids who got free books and Dear God be careful what you wish for!  *stares at the literal piles of unread ARCs on the bedroom floor*

But running this blog has brought me so much more than I could have anticipated. I’m making time for reading like never before – I just recently hit my Goodreads Challenge Goal of reading 50 books in a year, with a little over four months to go.  For comparison, I read 43 books in all of 2018!  I’ve been introduced to the amazing world of the Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off, and the little known gems that come from it.  And I have met and interacted with so many awesome people who are now my go-to for sharing thoughts on books and getting recs.

Other fun things I’ve accomplished:

  • I’ve reviewed just over 70 books (and you can find a full list here!)
  • I launched The Great Series Read Project to push myself to read series from beginning to end.  So far I’ve mostly been catching up on backlist debuts so I can review the sequels, but it’s a start!  I really want to make a push to read completed series that are on my list, and is definitely a priority going into year two of blogging.
  • I made the Orbit Blogger Reviewer List!  This is a little bit of a brag, but I was ECSTATIC to find out I’d been added to this list, Orbit is by far one of my favorite publishers and the chance to work with them is probably the highlight of my blogging career so far.

In the year to come, I’m looking forward to continuing this streak of having way too many amazing things to read.  I love having a community of people to commiserate with about the inability to stop requesting ARCs.  I love that extra push to finally sit down and read a trilogy.  I love that some of you have even bought books based on my reviews.  I still can’t believe I made this blog last for a year and I hope to continue on for as long as there are books to be read!

Wishing you all happiness and an overflowing TBR,

Caitlin G.

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  1. I totally missed this post, but I hope I’m not too late in wishing you a happy blogiversary! Oh my gosh, yes. ARCs are so cool until you end up with quite a few and their publication date’s are fast approaching. I hope this next year holds many more amazing things for you and your blog.

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