August 2019 Book Haul

Time for another book haul!  I’ve been trying to keep my ARC requests to an absolute minimum as the year draws to a close, so this is another smallish haul.  Nevertheless, there are some exciting things inside, so come see what I’ve added to my shelves!  As always, the covers link to Goodreads if you see anything that strikes your fancy!



QUEEN’S SHADOW by E.K. Johnston
In my quest to stay on top of Star Wars new canon books (a quest I’m losing, like many book related quests in my life), I picked up QUEEN’S SHADOW on a Kindle Sale. This tells the tale of Padme Amidala, eventual mother to Luke and Leia, shortly after she abdicated her throne and became a Galactic Senator.  I’ve heard middling things about this one, but 99 cents is a hard price to pass up!

Physical ARCs


I have seen a LOT of enthusiasm for this book, so when offered the chance to request a review copy, I jumped all over it!  This is a portal fantasy, about a girl who lives a lonely life until she discovers a strange book.  I’m mostly going in blind to this one, so we’ll see what I discover!


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Like many of you, I’m a big fan of the WAYFARERS series, so when I found out the author had a novella coming out, I slammed request as fast as I could! This book is unrelated to WAYFARERS, and is the tale of a woman who is part of a space exploration crew.  The crew sleeps during the travel between planets, and when they wake up, their body has adapted to the new world.  It sounds like a fascinating concept, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from Chambers.

THE GILDED WOLVES was a little hit or miss with people last year.  While I fully understand some complaints about the world-building being a little flimsy, I absolutely fell in love with the ensemble characters, so I’m happy to return to this series. This time, our band of misfits must travel to Russia as they continue to hunt for one of the mythical objects that instills the magic of Forging into the world.

What did you get this month that you’re super excited about?

12 thoughts on “August 2019 Book Haul

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  1. I’m losing my quest to keep up with the Star Wars releases as well, and it doesn’t help that they’re putting them out hard and fast! I also just finished To Be Taught If Fortunate, and I didn’t love it as much as I expected, tbh. But as you say, it’s because it’s so different and separate from the Wayfarers series, I think. It was tough to get into the style, and it wasn’t as character oriented as her other works.

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  2. AWESOME HAUL. Honestly, very much looking forward to the new Roshani Chokshi despite having mixed feelings for the first. Often, book one is a miss for me but then I end up loving the rest of the series (this happens to me a lot).

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      1. Same usually for me, but I just didn’t connect to many of the characters and I think it had to do with my expectations from me having read her previous works. But, I’m still super excited for the new one. 🙂

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