October 2019 Book Picks

Here we are friends, book picks for month number ten of 2019!  October is a liiiittle bit more quiet than September, but that there are still plenty of amazing reads hitting the shelves this month, enough to keep me plenty busy.  Here are the books I’m definitely checking out (and hopefully will have reviews for you soon!) and as always, I’ve linked the covers to Goodreads if you want to add them to your reading queue!

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THE BEAUTIFUL by Renée Ahdieh
Release Date: October 8th, 2019
I’m cautiously hopeful about this YA vampire fantasy.  I had a chance to read an excerpt at BookishFirst and was surprisingly taken with it, and then I managed to snag a copy at SDCC this year.  I’m hoping I can get this read and reviewed before it comes out, stand by for more updates!

Release Date: October 15th, 2019
I am SO excited to have a big meaty court intrigue book in my hands!  THE THRONE OF THE FIVE WINDS is coming from Orbit and promises a world where queens, princes, concubines and servants plot for the throne.  With the king dying, a princess held at court as a hostage for her rebellious people finds herself at the center of web of people vying to take his place, and one wrong move could send the country into civil war. I’ve been dying to read this since Orbit sent me a copy, I cannot wait!

WAR GIRLS by Tochi Onyebuchi
Release Date: October 15th, 2019
Another one where I read the excerpt and was instantly intrigued. This is a futuristic African sci-fi tale, where war is waged with drones and bionic arms.  In the excerpt I read, I was struck by how the characters already struggle with pretty weighty issues like PTSD and phantom-limb syndrome.  This looks like it will be a pretty gritty YA and I’m looking forward to reading it!

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SALVAGED by Madeline Roux
Release Date: October 15th, 2019
Horror isn’t usually my cup of tea, but the premise here is intriguing enough, I want to give it a go.  A woman working as a “space janitor” (a person who cleans up after research expeditions gone wrong) arrives at her latest gig to deal with a ship where the crew has all died.  Except they’re not all dead – they’ve been taken over by a parasite, one that threatens to spread to the rest of humanity.  With October being such a busy month, I’ve decided to save this book to review as part of Sci-Fi November, so look for my thoughts then!

Release Date: October 29th, 2019
I’ll be honest, this is the one I’m most nervous about. Book one in the series, THE RUIN OF KINGS, had a lot of ups and downs when I read it, though I ultimately gave it a 4 out of 5 stars.  It was a book that at times was overly complicated (by the end I had no idea who was related to who anymore, there had been so many lies and soul-swapping magic and reveals) but the moment to moment beats were good enough I couldn’t rate it lower.  I’m curious if the sequel has smoothed things out or if it’s completely fallen apart.

And those are my top picks for October!  What are you looking forward to this coming month?



14 thoughts on “October 2019 Book Picks

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  1. October is just crazy for me! And I want to read ALL of these. I’ve already got a big pile for Sci Fi Month, but I’d love to read Salvaged and maybe War Girls if i can. Good luck!

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  2. I’m really interested to see how The Name of All Things go. I want to read it because I LOVED Ruin of Kings, but I’m sure it’s also a TOME so it may wind up being a December read for me, lol. Looking forward to your thoughts on it. Good luck with this list!

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