September 2019 Wrap Up

September has been an interesting month of catch up for me.  For the first time since I started blogging, I’ve truly fallen behind on the ARCs I owe reviews on, so it’s been a bit of a juggling act trying to stay on top of things releasing this month, while still crossing off books left over from the summer.  Thankfully I’m officially caught up on all of my summer ARCs, and I only have two out of seven September ARCs left to read.  I do need to squeeze in one self-published work I promised to review (and if you’re reading this, I’m sorry, I WILL get to it in October!!).

October is looking to be another ARC heavy month while I continue righting the ship of ARC backlog, and try to get a jump on November 5th (the day to end all days).  This is especially important because November itself I want to dedicate to Sci-Fi Month, a blogging community event where we nerd out about all things sci-fi!  I want to use the event as an excuse to tackle several backlist books that I’ve been meaning to get to, so I need to get these pesky ARCs out of the way first! (JK, I love my ARCs, don’t take them away from me.)  My New vs. Backlist ratio is no longer a pretty 50/50, but hopefully by the end of the year I can bring it back in line!

Great Series Read Project Update

I made a bold decision (for me) and have chosen to DNF both a book and series I was working my way through.  The very first book I read for the GSRP was THE IMMORTALS, first in a trilogy that was kind of an adult Percy Jackson, a “What if the Greek Gods were still around and living in New York.”  I had mixed feelings about the book, but didn’t want to abandon the very first series on my list, so I pledged to soldier on. After putting off actual follow through for some months, I finally checked out the audio book from the library, and after an hour of listening, had to call it quits.  Part of it was that the narrator wasn’t very good, but honestly, the fault lies mostly in the fact that I just didn’t like the main character of Selene/Artemis.  She’s written as an aloof goddess who is just constantly angry about everything mortal and she just wasn’t fun to be around so I finally admitted this series just wasn’t for me.

But in happier news, I finally read two book 2s that were left over from the summer!  Both of these were review copies I just didn’t have time to get to during their initial release.  JADE WAR was the superb follow up to JADE CITY; I’m now caught up on this trilogy until book 3, JADE LEGACY, releases next summer.  I’ve also just finished THE DRAGON REPUBLIC by R.F. Kuang, bringing me up-to-date in THE POPPY WAR trilogy until the eventual book 3.

I also reread THE DIABOLIC via audiobook, and I plan to start the sequel this month!  I’m realizing I’m probably going to need to put THE THOUSANDTH FLOOR series on hold until December while I catch up on ARCs, but I’m keeping it on my TBRs in case I decide I have time to squeeze it in.

Notable Posts

First Step Into a Larger World: Learning to Embrace Self-Published Fantasy
Favorite Instances of Books in Video Games
October 2019 Book Picks

Reviews/Books Read

THE THOUSAND FLOOR by Katharine McGee – 4/5 Stars
GIDEON THE NINTH by Tamsyn Muir – 3/5 Stars
TO BE TAUGHT, IF FORTUNATE by Becky Chambers – 4/5 Stars
WINTER OF THE GODS by Jordanna Max Brodsky – DNF
JADE WAR by Fonda Lee
A HOUSE OF RAGE AND SORROW by Sangu Mandanna – 3.5/5 Stars
THE GRACE YEAR by Kim Liggett – 2/5 Stars
KINGDOM OF SOULS by Rena Barron – 3/5 Stars
THE DIABOLIC by S.J. Kinkaid – 4.5/5 Stars
THE DRAGON REPUBLIC by R. F. Kuang – 4/5 Stars
THE BEAUTIFUL by Renée Ahdieh – Review to Come

Beat the Backlist Bingo Progress – 21/24 (Regular), 24/80 (Epic)

  • A Book About Books – THE DIABOLIC by S.J. Kincaid (Okay, I’m stretching this a tiiiiny bit, but there’s a subplot about books, so I’m counting it).

r/Fantasy Book Bingo – 15/25

  • Novel Featuring Vampires – THE BEAUTIFUL by Renée Ahdieh
  • SFF Novel Featuring an Ocean Setting – THE DRAGON REPUBLIC by R.F. Kuang

Retellings Bingo Progress – 7/24 – Silent Assassin Level Achieved!

  • Set in Space – A HOUSE OF RAGE AND SORROW by Sangu Mandanna

And that’s a wrap on September!

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. I finally have gotten out from under my ARC pile and can start reading from my TBR pile of books that I have purchased. Plus NaNoWriMo is in 1 month, so busy with prep AND I decided to try Instagram which is a whole different world than what I’m used to with the blog and Twitter. Craziness!!! Hang in there. You’ll get ahead before you know it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t think I have the personality for it. Lol. I’m not a naturally bubbly soul and yeah, I like words more than photos too.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. You’re doing way better than me with your ARCs! And I’m also gearing up for Sci Fi Month, which is going to be a mix of new and older books if I can pull it off. Buckle down, here we go…

    Liked by 1 person

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