September 2019 Book Haul

Tiny haul this month, as 2019 winds to a close and the very quiet December looms on the horizon. The 2020 ARCs, however, are starting to peek their heads around the corner!  I’m TRYING to be more restrained in my requests for the upcoming year, because as much as I thoroughly enjoy reading new and exciting releases, there are a ton of backlist reads I’m still dying to get to, and I just can’t do that with the number of ARCs I’m requesting!  That said, I’ve already got 6 lined up for early 2020 (not including a few acquisitions from cons) so we’ll see how well I actually follow through!

Regardless, here are the new ARCs that I’ve added to my stacks this month!  Interested in them?  Covers link to Goodreads!


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This is a November 2019 release, one I’ve been on the fence about requesting, but my curiosity finally got the better of me.  It follows Matthias, who discovers he’s fated to save the world.  He’s thrilled to go on an adventure with his best friend, except things don’t go the same way they do in the stories he’s always read.  People are just surrendering to the forces of evil and it looks like this time, darkness may triumph over light.

K.B. Wagers is the author of one of my favorite trilogies, the INDRANAN WAR, featuring kick-ass Hail Bristol.  This is a completely different series and world, but I’m eager to dive in!  This imagines a relatively near-future space force, the Near-Earth Orbital Guard, a branch of Earth space military akin to the Coast Guard. Every year, NeoG holds the Boarding Games among the units, and last year, Interceptor Team: Zuma’s Ghost just barely lost. This year, they’re ready to win – until their best swordsman is transferred to another unit and a new lieutenant takes command.  And this year, someone in the games is trying to protect a secret, and is willing to kill to keep that secret safe.  Honestly, this sounds like an amazing time, and I can’t wait to read it, hopefully well in advance of its March 2020 release.

RACE THE SANDS by Sarah Beth Durst
Last but not least, we have an April 2020 release that sounds amazing. In this fantasy world, augurs can generally see your fate, and what awaits you in the next life.  Those who are irredeemable come back in the next life as monsters known as kehoks, trapped in that form for the rest of time. That is, unless you win the Races, a sport involving human riders on kehok mounts.  I admit, I’m a little fuzzy on the details (is it the human who is redeemed by winning the race or the kehok?) but two women, one a trainer, the other a rider, will work together to win the race so that they can escape their desperate circumstances.  I’ve never read Sarah Beth Durst, despite owning a few of her books (I should change that…) but I’m curious to check this out!

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  1. I’m dying to read Race the Sands, I guess I need to request it! And I’m really hoping to read Fate of the Fallen next month, I’ve been hearing really good things about it.

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