Top Five Tuesday: Authors I Need to Read (Sci-Fi Month)

This week, Bionic Book Worm wants to know: what authors do we still need to read? This being #SciFiMonth, I’m focusing my list on authors who write science-fiction, but rest assured, the list of authors I still haven’t read yet is much, much longer than this!  So what authors have yet to grace my eyes with their works?

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Emma Newman – PLANETFALL series
This is particularly egregious as I bought the first two books in this series a few years back and haven’t started them, despite the best of intentions (which, to be fair, is a universal theme for all books on this list).  From what I understand, the books in this series are loosely interconnected, not strict sequels.  In book one, a man named Ren has spend two decades living at a colony near an alien structure.  Two decades hiding a secret about that colony, a secret that is now going to be revealed when a figure resembling Ren’s mentor suddenly appears.

Jay Kristoff & Aime Kaufman  – AURORA RISING, ILLUMINAE & more
No, I don’t know how I’ve made it this long without reading a Kristoff and/or Kaufman book (and that includes Kristoff’s extensive fantasy work).  I’m hoping to change that this month by reading AURORA RISING, but I’ve also heard amazing things about ILLUMINAE, especially in the ways that it tells its stories through various documents.

I’ve been so curious about this book, which imagines an alternate world where Japan and Germany won WWII – oh and Japan also invented mechs. One teenage boy in California is trying to pass the Imperial Exams so he can join the training program for mecha pilots, while tensions between Germany and Japan escalate to worrisome heights. This is actually the second (standalone) book in this universe, but I’ve heard it’s much better than the first, and I’ve heard rumor of another book on the horizon!

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Alex White –  THE SALVAGER Series
Guess what?  I bought book one in this trilogy, A BIG SHIP AT THE EDGE OF THE UNIVERSE aaaages ago and haven’t read it!  Two women on the run from various forces board a smuggler’s ship and race to find a fabled warship in the hopes of selling it for fame and fortune.  I am a sucker for tales involving space crews, and Alex White has this full trilogy, as well as another on the way, so I should really catch up!

Ada Palmer – TERRA IGNOTA series
The first book in this series was a recent Hugo nominee for Best Novel, and it sounds like a difficult series to describe, in that the author seems to be trying their hardest to create a world far removed from anything we’re familiar with.  But at its core, the first book is about a convict who is sentenced to wander the galaxy and render aid to anyone he meets.  Honestly, I’m hit or miss with some of the more bizarre sci-fi I’ve read, but I’m willing to give it a shot!

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  1. I really want to read Aurora Rising too. I’ve read two of Jay Kristoff’s books and I read These Broken Stars which Amie Kaufman wrote with Meagan Spooner, but I haven’t read anything by Kristoff and Kaufman writing together.

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