Top Five Tuesday: Books Under 300 Pages on My TBR

I’ve been reading a ton of MASSIVE books lately; it seems like every book I pick up is 450+ pages!  So I thought this week would be a good time to remind myself of the little guys on my TBR, the novellas that I can through in a weekend instead of a week.  These are some of the shorter books on my list that I should make an effort to cross off – after all, it won’t take me that long!

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I was lucky enough to snatch up an eARC for this one!  Between the author being Zen Cho (whose SORCERER TO THE CROWN I adore) and the synopsis starting with “A bandit walks into a coffeehouse, and it all goes downhill from there” this was an auto add to my TBR. This won’t release until June 2020, but I suspect I’ll read it much sooner than that!

THE CLOUD ROADS by Martha Wells
I bought this book on a Kindle Deal eons ago, before I’d heard of Murderbot.  Now that I’ve experienced Wells’s sci-fi side, I’m curious to try out her fantasy series about an orphaned shape-shifter who can transform into a creature with wings.  When said orphan finds a community of people like himself, everything seems to be looking up – except he might also be the key to the community’s survival.  No pressure.

FOUNDATION by Isaac Asimov
I failed miserably this year at my goal to squeeze in some classic SFF, and I really would like to try and do better next year.  With an adaptation in the works and a copy on my shelves, now seems as good a time as any to tackle this tale of a space colony founded at the edge of a dying empire, one that will have to survive attacks from nearby warlords who hope to take advantage of the nation’s failing power.

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THE DEEP by Rivers Solomon
I got this at SDCC this year and simply ran out of time to read it.  A fantasy about a race of merpeople that evolve from pregnant African slave women who jumped (or were thrown) overboard, reviews have let me know this is haunting and heart-breaking. I’ll definitely need to be in the right headspace for this, but it seems like too important a read to miss out on.

Closing out the list with something fun!  I’ve heard multiple people say this is an excellent adventure for fans of THE DRESDEN FILES series (of which I am one).  It follows Alex Fitz, who works as a supernatural fixer of sorts, who is commissioned by Death to track down a thief.  With a setup like that, how could I say no?

And those are my top short reads on my TBR!  What are some that you want to read?

17 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Books Under 300 Pages on My TBR

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  1. Foundation was the book that got me into sci-fi as a teenager! Very interesting book.

    I have a few novellas by Aliette de Bodard I’m looking forward to, including IN THE VANISHERS PALACE and ON A RED STATION, DRIFTING. I read her gender-swapped sci-fi Holmes and Watson story THE TEA MASTER AND THE DETECTIVE recently and that was really good!

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      1. I follow her on Twitter and she was talking up an author called Nghi Vo, who has a novella coming out next year called THE EMPRESS OF SALT AND FORTUNE, that I reeally like the sound of. It sounds right up your street as well. Might be worth looking up 🙂

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