Top Five Series to Read in 2020: A Great Series Read Project Update

I love book series.  I love falling in love with characters and returning to them over and over again.  I love seeing a story arc pay off at the end of a trilogy. But I am absolutely terrible at continuing a series once I start it!  So last year, I launched a personal endeavor, the Great Series Read Project.

The Goal

The Great Series Read Project was an attempt to motivate myself to actually read a series through to completion. I made a list of all the series I had started or had bought books for and needed to start.  The plan was to choose one of those series, then read a book a month until I finished the series (or caught up to whatever was currently released), then rinse and repeat.  Seemed simple enough, no?

What Actually Happened

So did this plan work out?  Yes and no.  As of writing this, I managed to get up-to-date on eleven series, DNF’d another two series, and am in-progress on…six others (oops). So the good news is, I’m actually managed to get up to date on several things!  What ended up happening in many instances though, is that in 2019 I requested (and received) ARCs for sequels to books I hadn’t yet read, which meant that a lot of book ones and their sequels got pushed to the top of the TBR, instead of completed trilogies/series.  This DID result in some fantastic reads, like JADE CITY and THE POPPY WAR, and I’m now ready for the trilogy finales when they drop in 2020, huzzah!  In fact, I should be able to mark complete on several series in 2020, which is fantastic news for my completionist brain.

The part that went a little astray was that the true goal of this project was yet another attempt to get into my backlist.  All those books I bought that are sitting on my shelves, it’s time to read them!  Because of the allure of the shiny ARC, they often keep making it into the top five of my TBR, but never that coveted first spot.  My goal was to read at least one sequel a month (or start a series from the list) and while I didn’t manage it every month, I did have some successes.  Most notably, keeping this project in mind made sure I actually followed through and read WORDS OF RADIANCE this summer, having read THE WAY OF KINGS last Christmas (I’m letting myself spread these out since they are MASSIVE books).  And I did actually let myself reread two books this year so that I could reread the sequels with plots fresh in my brain!  Huzzah!  I read SIX OF CROWS and CROOKED KINGDOM in back to back months!  So there were plenty of small victories to be found, in no small part because I tried so very hard to push myself to squeeze in one sequel a month, even if it wasn’t the sequel I originally planned.

So Where Do I Go From Here?

At the end of the day, I’ve found the Great Series Read Project is a good tool to keep books in front of my eyes.  Having that page on the blog, even if nobody looks at it but me, constantly reminds me of the series I have in progress and gives me that little extra push to move things to the top of the stack.  So I’m keeping this going into next year!  To that end, I’m rounding up five completed series I want to start and/or finish in the coming months.  It’s not the first time I’ve made one of these lists (oh yikes, I still need to finish/start most of those….) nor will it be the last, nor will I confine my reading to the series below, but progress will be made!

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THE TETHERED MAGE by Melissa Caruso
Every time I mention that I haven’t started this series, I get a lot of confused looks.  By all accounts, this series is ABSOLUTELY something I will love.  Magic and court intrigue and action, oh my!  I’ve had the first book for a few years now, and it was on my list for Wyrd and Wonder earlier this year, but somehow this series has failed to make it to the top of my stack.  I would love to actually get through the whole series in 2020, especially since a new trilogy in the same world is on the way!

This series was one I successfully started for the Great Series Read Project, but didn’t manage to continue on with.  I’m kind of okay with that, because, having received the first two books in mass market paperback after winning a giveaway, I’ve been waiting for book three to be released in the same edition because dang it, I will have a beautiful symmetrical series on my shelves!  Like TETHERED MAGE, there’s another trilogy beginning soon in this world, so I’m hoping to check this series off in early 2020, continuing with GREY SISTER.

SPELLSLINGER by Sebastien de Castell
I will DEFINITELY by starting this series next year, after the wonderful people of Orbit sent me a review copy of book one.   This is a fully completed six book series, and is supposed to be a fantastic ride, and I would love to blitz through this one book at a time.

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Technically, this trilogy isn’t completed yet, but book three comes out in summer 2020 so it might as well be!  A sci-fi adventure about a crew of treasure hunters who accidentally salvage a war ship and get themselves into a whole mess of trouble.  This sounds like a whole bunch of fun and an excellent candidate for my 2020 series list!

Last but not least, a YA trilogy that’s been on my shelves for a while!  A young woman escapes from being forced into an arranged marriage and instead joins a convent where she trains to be an assassin. After her training, she’s sent to a royal court to become involved in intrigue and death.  Oh and romance.  Because what’s a little cat-and-mouse without the risk of falling in love with your target?

So those are (some) of my top priority series of 2020.  What series would you like to tackle in the new year?

17 thoughts on “Top Five Series to Read in 2020: A Great Series Read Project Update

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  1. I love this idea. I don’t usually think about completing series but now you’ve got me thinking. I may take inspiration from you and start a challenge like this myself next year!

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  2. I finished my Realm of the Elderlings series read earlier this year (I read one series a year for the past 5 years) so now I am in the market for a new series to read in 2020.

    Preliminary thoughts are Book of the Ancestor; Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn; or Stormlight Archive.

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  3. Great to see that setting this challenge for yourself actually worked. I’m very jealous of those 11 series you’re up-to-date on 😀
    My priority next year is to read the rest of Stormlight Archives as well although I’ve only read The Way of Kings. I also plan to read a few books in The Wheel of Time series but I know I won’t be able to finish all the 12 remaining books.


    1. Words of Radiance was SO GOOD. A lot of the characters who were in different places finally get to interact and it’s amazing. I haven’t read WoT since high school and there’s a part of me that wants to reread the first few ahead of the Amazon series…..but I don’t know that I have time for 800 page rereads lol.

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      1. I’m just waiting for the library to give me Words of Radience. I can’t wait for those characters to meet.
        I mean rereading is great but yeah those books are huge so I understand your hesitation 😀

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    1. I do the same thing. It doesn’t help when I haven’t bought the book yet, and I get caught in a loop of, “I can go buy book 3, but I have all these book ones sitting here unread….” and then I never buy book 3.


  4. I’ve read The Tethered Mage and it’s sequel The Unbound Empire; they are fantastic books! I can’t believe I haven’t finished off the series yet and I’m planning a re-read to reacquaint myself with everything that’s happened so I can finish it off.

    So yeah, I want to finish that and Myke Cole’s Sacred Throne trilogy – the final book just got released last month. I also started Joe Abercrombie’s First Law series and loved the first book, and Cixin Liu’s Three Body Problem was great, there’s two more in that series.

    There’s more I want to start too, including The Poppy War series and Jade City and Aliette de Bodard’s Dominion of the Fallen series.

    Oh my god I could actually go on but I feel like I’ll never stop 😆

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    1. Oh, First Law, I need to read that still! And I’d also like to read Three Body Problem, but I suspect that will be lower on the list. Dominion of the Fallen is another I want to read..yeah, I could go on too lol.


  5. I always have this as part of my reading goal and somehow it almost never works out because there are so many new shiny books coming out all the time. Next year….next year will be different. I hope. LOL I have pretty much kept up with the series that are still releasing books at least. Good luck going forward!

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