Top Five Books I Didn’t Read in 2019

As the year winds down and we start to share a lists of our favorite reads of the year, it’s also time to start circulating lists of reads we DIDN’T get to this year. Last week, I shared my list of book series I still need to tackle; this week, I’m joining in Bionic Book Worm’s Top Five Tuesday and looking at some individual books that I missed out on for one reason or another. Obviously, this list is by no means extensive, but these are high priorities for 2020!

Also, shout out to last year’s list of unread books!  I actually succeeded in reading 4 out of 5 of them before this year ended, so huzzah!

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THE GUTTER PRAYER by Gareth Hanrahan
This was a January 2019 release that I heard amazing things about and immediately bought so that it could sit on my shelf for the rest of the year.  (I mean, that wasn’t the intent but would I truly be a reader if that wasn’t what happened?) I know a lot of fellow fantasy bloggers absolutely loved what is supposed to be a very weird tale of a group of thieves who stumble into a conspiracy that is way more than they can handle.  A sequel is coming out early next year, so at least I’ll be able to read them close together!

SALVAGED by Madeline Roux
I’m so intrigued about this tale of a space janitor who travels the galaxy cleaning up after research expeditions gone wrong.  It’s labeled as horror, which isn’t usually my jam, but the concept is so unique I want to give it a read.  I’d hope to tackle this during #SciFiMonth, but alas there just wasn’t time.

WITH THE FIRE ON HIGH by Elizabeth Avecedo
With fantasy and sci-fi being my genres of choice, I don’t often read straight fiction of late.  Everything about this YA book calls out to me, however – this tale of a single-parent teenage mom struggling to raise her kid while also working to achieve her dream of being a career chef.  I snagged a copy of this at YALLWest and it has sat unread on my shelf ever since.  Definitely want to change that!

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After absolutely loving what Gray did with Leia Organa in BLOODLINE, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her take on my favorite Jedi duo, Qui-gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi.  I’ve fallen woefully behind on reading new Star Wars cannon, but this one in particular is one I want to read in the new year.

This one kills me on so many levels.  It’s one of my favorite authors, I’ve owned a copy for over a year, and it was a huge priority for #SciFiMonth.  Yet here we are, closing out 2019 with it still unread.  I’m making a solemn vow that one way or another, I will find a way to read this before 2020 closes out!

What books did you miss out on despite your best intentions?

12 thoughts on “Top Five Books I Didn’t Read in 2019

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  1. With the fire on high is so good, I hope you will get to it soon!
    I really planned on starting the An ember in the ashes series this year, but for some reason didn’t..


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  2. Thanks for putting Salvaged on my radar, it sounds like something I’d really like! It wouldn’t be a trip to Realms Of My Mind without adding something to the TBR 😉

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