Top Five Tuesday: Backlist Books I Will FINALLY Read in 2020

We, as readers, are blessed with the curse of an endless backlist.  There are just too many good books out there in the world to read them all.  So this week, when Bionic Book Worm asked us to list our Top Five Books to Read in 2020, I decided to put together a list from my pile of shame, books I really, truly meant to have read sooner and I just haven’t quiiiite gotten there yet.  You know, the books I’ve said 15 million times I’m definitely going to read “soon” and then somehow never do.

Interested in reading for yourself?  Covers link to Goodreads!

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NEVERNIGHT by Jay Kristoff
Really, just extend this to say “all Jay Kristoff.”  At this point, I’m really hoping I like him as a writer because I’ve accumulated book one of three different series over the year, and I haven’t read ONE OF THEM. *hangs head in shame*  I know so many lovely people who worship NEVERNIGHT in particular, and I want to finally give it a read so I know one way or  another if this is a party boat I’m getting on, or letting it sale into the distance.

KUSHIEL’S DART by Jacqueline Carey
I snagged a free copy of the this from Tor’s Book of the Month Club, and I’ve been on the fence about reading it ever since. Romance, like grimdark, is one of those categories where I like them up to a point, and a book where sexual servitude is a heavy theme (at least from the description, and I will fully admit to being wrong if I am!) is one I definitely approach cautiously.  However, I know that this is well-regarded by many, and now it’s one of the many, many fantasy series being adapted to TV, so I might as well bite the bullet and finally give it a go!

THE BLADE ITSELF by Joe Abercrombie
This has been on my list for YEARS.  Back when I first returned to reading SFF, it was recommended to me by a few friends.  Then I started blogging and it became one of those touchstones that  EVERYONE had read. And then my D&D group started reading it out of the blue and squealing about it and really, this is getting out of hand.  I admit I’ve put it off for a bit because I like grimdark up to a point, and I never know which side of the line a grimdark novel’s going to fall for me.  Only one way to find out!

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THE ALLOY OF LAW by Brandon Sanderson
I love all things Brandon Sanderson, this is an indisputable fact.  I also love Mistborn. I scored a lovely edition of ALLOY at my local 2nd hand shop something going on three years ago and I HAVEN’T. READ IT. YET.  Honestly, how is that possible?  So this year, in between catching up on THE STORMLIGHT ARCHIVES, I would very much like to read the first book in the new trilogy, and get back on track with that.

THE QUEEN OF BLOOD by Sarah Beth Durst
Let this book stand in for all the Kindle Daily Deal purchases I have made over the years without reading.  It’s a mess.  This one in particular stands out because I actually have two books of the full trilogy, and really, I need to sit down and read this, especially since I’m reading a new standalone book of the author’s later this year.  This book description checks so many boxes for me: magic, court politics, disgraced warrior coming to the rescue.  Let’s read it!

What books are you DEFINITELY* reading in 2020?

*I mean, you probably will, they’re 100% at the top of your TBR, and you WILL get to them soon, you just need to read this one other book first and oh, you just got approved on an ARC, so after that, but actually a new book in your favorite series was just released so THAT is next….

30 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Backlist Books I Will FINALLY Read in 2020

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  1. I have dived into Kushiel’s Dart thanks to my library and while sexual servitude is indeed a theme, there is so much intrigue, invented religion, and betrayals padded between. I’m about 370 pages in and wow, is it going fast.

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  2. I had a similar challenge for myself last year and I failed it completely. I had five books I was going to read in 2019 but… Should I try again this year? I think I should. It’s easier to squeeze five books in when you start in January😁

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  3. Huh, FIVE books for 2020. Dang, I should’ve thought of that. But I’m sure I’ll clear my TBR for 2020. 100% sure. Totally. Anyway, good luck with Alloy of Law! And good luck reading that one but somehow not the rest of them back-to-back-to-back!

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  4. Once you start “Nevernight,” you’ll fly through the rest of the trilogy! As for the other books, they’re on my TBR pile, too! However, I’m reading “A Little Hatred” by Joe Abercrombie and it’s great!

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  5. KUSHIEL’S DAAARRRRRRRT! One of my favorite books EVER. I’ve actually read all five of these, and while they’re all good, I definitely recommend bumping KD over all of them, because no other book has left such a lasting impact on me 😀

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  6. I finally got round to reading The Blade Itself last year and really enjoyed it. In terms of where it falls on the ‘grimdark scale’, it’s less dark in tone than a lot of stuff I’ve read in the genre, so if it’s something you’re wary of hopefully it’ll fall on the right side of the scale for you.

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