March 2020 Book Picks

After the deluge of February, March is giving us a little bit of of a respite.  There’s still plenty to go around, including a trilogy finisher and the beginning of a new series by an awesome author.  Here are my top choices for March 2020!

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Release Date: March 3rd, 2020
Best known for her Hail Bristol books, about a princess-turned-smuggler-turned Empress, Wagers has set her sights on a future a little closer to present day for her next series.  Set a few hundred years from now, it follows a crew on a ship in the “space coast guard,” whose daily duties include evacuating stranded pilots and intercepting smugglers.  PALE LIGHT is a little less action-driven than Hail Bristol, choosing to focus instead on a more slice-of-life approach to the space adventure genre.  I found this to be a good comfort read; you can find my full review here!

SMOKE BITTEN by Patricia Briggs
Release Date: March 11th, 2020
New year, new Mercy Thompson!  The twelfth installment in one of my favorite urban fantasy series finds our heroine with her friends and family threatened by a creature that escaped from the fae Underhill.  A coyote shapeshifter against a monster that controls those it bites – bring it on!

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Release Date: March 24th, 2020
N.K. Jemisen took the world by storm with her three-time Hugo-winning BROKEN EARTH trilogy, and now she’s back to start a new weird fantasy series. This time, she’s envisioning an Earth where every city has a literal soul.  Every city, that is, except New York – New York has five.  I have admittedly only read THE FIFTH SEASON of Jemisen’s work, but that’s enough to make me eager to see what she has on deck with this new novel.

Release Date: March 31st, 2020
I’ve really been enjoying the SHADOW OF THE FOX books, Japanese-inspired YA fantasy adventures that follow a half-kitsune/half human girl who is trying to stop the Master of Demons from summoning his ilk into the human world.  This is the last book in the trilogy, and I have my hands on an ARC, so look forward to a review in the coming weeks!

Which books are you looking forward to in March?

11 thoughts on “March 2020 Book Picks

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  1. Yess, Night of the Dragon, so excited for that! I think that will be an April read for me since I preordered it on Audible and it doesn’t come out til the end of the month. In fact, I better start writing up my April TBR now….lol.

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      1. Since leaving this comment I’ve started mine, send help! LOL. I’m hoping I get through all of my March reads, but we’ll see, I have a few review books and sometimes they take forever.

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