February 2020 Book Haul

It was a fairly quiet month for new hauls, a fact I’m embracing given my desire to turn my attention to my backlist pile.  Even so, I’ve gotten my hands on some books I’m very excited to read, so let’s dive in, shall we?



CHARMCASTER by Sebastien de Castell
I managed to stay fairly restrained this month and only made one new purchase.  CHARMCASTER is book three in the SPELLSLINGER series, and was acquired in pursuit of the Great Series Read Project.  I read and reviewed book two, SHADOWBLACK earlier this month, and in a bid to keep the momentum going, I’ve put this on my shelves with a goal to read it in April!


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I’M SO EXCITED.  I’ve been anxiously monitoring the NetGalley site as the release date for the final installment of the trilogy drew near, and my prayers to the book gods were answered!  This Japanese-inspired YA fantasy is about Yumeko, a half-kitsune, half-human girl who is racing to stop the Master of Demons from using the Scroll of a Thousand Prayers to unleash his creations on humanity.  The scroll only works on a specific day once every thousand years, and with the day drawing closer, it will take all of Yumeko’s allies – including a recent foe, to stop this great evil.  I’ve very much enjoyed this anime-feeling adventure, and can’t wait to see how the conclusion plays out!

KINGDOM OF LIARS by Nick Martell
This is a debut fantasy that has piqued the interest of many in the SFF community, including myself!  Featuring a magic system where magic comes at the cost of memories, it features a young man named Michael hoping to exact revenge on a royal court he believes wrongly accused his father of treason.  But with a big gap in Michael’s memories, there’s little he can do to prove his father’s innocence – until the opportunity arises to rejoin the royal court and uncover what secrets are hidden in its halls.


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DOCILE by K.M. Szpara
I’d been on the fence about this one for months, unsure if it would be my cup of tea or not, so the universe decided to nudge me towards the correct decision.  First Tor put up the first six chapters, enough to whet my appetite.  Then a fellow blogger had an extra copy which she graciously gave to me, and that sealed the deal.  Friends, I had this read in the space of about three days, and my review went up earlier this week!  It’s speculative fiction about power and debt and control and sex and is simultaneously a rough read and something I could not put down.  It is NOT a book for everyone, but if you’re the right fit, it is absolutely worth the read.

NETWORK EFFECT by Martha Wells
MURDERBOT!  Nothing else to say here other than to say THANK YOU to the other wonderful blogger who had an extra physical copy and put this into my hands!

I had an eARC of this one, but happily upgraded to a physical copy because LOOK AT THAT COVER!  *swoons*

And that’s the haul for the month!  What books did you haul this month?

10 thoughts on “February 2020 Book Haul

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  1. I can’t wait to read Night of the dragon! I also got an eARC for the order fo the pure moon reflected in water! Very interested in reading that one!


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  2. Ooooh, Night of the Dragon. OOOOh Network Effect! OOOOOOH The Order of the Pure Moon Reflected in Water!!!! I am so jealous right now but also not because I don’t need anymore pressure with reading things on schedule LOL. I hope you enjoy these and definitely looking forward to your thoughts!

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