Weekly Reading Check-In: 03/11/20

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Time for another weekly check-in using WWW Wednesday, a meme hosted by Taking on a World of Words. Want to participate?  Simply answer the three questions below and tag the host site!  Book covers link to Goodreads.

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

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Currently Reading: LEGACY OF ASH by Matthew Ward
After a quick review break to beta-read a novella for a friend, I’m back in the ARC pile!  This week I’m knocking out the massive LEGACY OF ASH, which clocks in at over 700 pages.  I’m about 200 pages in at the time of writing this post, and enjoying it pretty well.  There’s definitely a slow build up, as there are at minimum a half dozen “main” POV characters, plus some additional ones that crop up now and then.  It’s a sprawling tale of a kingdom under siege by a rival nation, and one man’s attempt to overcome decades of bitter feelings and unite two regions to turn back the invading army.  There’s assassinations, rebel factions, political maneuvering, and interfering gods. I give it INSTANT brownie points for the fact that, despite the rest of the world-building feeling a touch generic fantasy, the main country has equality of the sexes, with women serving in every level of the military and with equal political power. It is SO refreshing and I am HERE. FOR. IT.

Recently Finished: GODSGRAVE by Jay Kristoff
Last week, I wrote I still had half of GODSGRAVE left to read, a little over 200 pages.  I then proceeded to finish the book that same evening. As you can read in my review here, I LOVED GODSGRAVE and literally could not put it down. I’m so glad this series has lived up to the hype, and glad I’ve been using my Great Series Read Project to get through the full trilogy.  One more to go!

Probable Next Read: UNCANNY COLLATERAL by Brian McClellan
After the massive LEGACY OF ASH (which I’m anticipating is going to take me another week to finish), I’m giving my brain a break and jumping over to a novella!  UNCANNY COLLATERAL is my self-published read for the month, and is an urban fantasy I’ve heard recommended for fans of THE DRESDEN FILES (and I am most certainly a fan!). This will also be my first foray into Brian McClellan’s work, so hopefully I like it!

That’s it for me – what are YOU reading this week?

10 thoughts on “Weekly Reading Check-In: 03/11/20

Add yours

  1. Enjoy your reading! I’m so happy you loved Godsgrave, it is such an amazing series!
    I’m currently reading Grey sister, and really enjoying it!


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  2. Currently reading Shorefall by Robert Jackson Bennett and am really enjoying it!

    Recently finished Master of Sorrows by Justin T Call. Such a great book.

    I’ll be reading House of Earth and Blood next though Legacy of Ash may move up in my TBR list!

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