Top Five Tuesday: Authors on My TBR (K-O)

The trek through my TBR continues!  For the month of March, Bionic Book Worm has asked us to name authors using the alphabet in any way we see fit.  I’m using it to highlight authors I haven’t read on my TBR, especially ones I don’t talk about that often.  After a YA heavy week, we’re getting into some adult recs, so buckle in and let’s get going!

You can find links to the previous weeks below, and all covers link to Goodreads!

Authors A – E
Authors F – J


SWORDHEART by T. Kingfisher
This is a rec I’ve seen from a few friends as an excellent fantasy romance.  I have to admit, the plot sounds absolutely delightful.  A housekeeper suddenly inherits a magical sword, one that has the soul of a swordsman trapped inside.  Thankfully, it’s a friendly spirit that wants to help defend her, whether the foe be bandits or obnoxious relatives.


SIX WAKES by Mur Lafferty
What’s better than a murder mystery?  How about a locked room murder mystery in SPACE.  The clones of a space crew wake up and realize that their predecessors were murdered.  And there’s only one possible solution: one of the crew members is the murderer.


I bought this book, the first in a trilogy, a while ago on a Kindle deal, and of course have never gotten around to it. In this series opener, General Cobolt Zosia has been retired for 20 years after a life of mercenary work.  But when her village is slaughtered, she forges out into the world to face enemies and allies alike as she seeks vengeance on those she lost.


SLEEPING GIANTS by Sylvain Neuvel
And here’s a book I picked up at Comic Con a few years back, a book I really do truly mean to read at some point. At the beginning of the tale, a young girl named Rose falls into a hole and lands on a giant metal hand. 17 years later, Rose is a highly trained physicist trying to solve the mystery of what this hand is – and figure out what a mysterious new person wants with it.


This sci-fi tale took over my Twitter timeline during Sci-Fi Month, as its release was fairly close to the annual blogathon. I’ve seen comparisons to the sci-fi TV show THE 100, which I have not watched, but I’m told I would love.  The premise of TERRA-TWO is four adults, six teenagers are sent on a voyage from Earth to a new planet, a journey that will take 23 years to make.  And for 23 years, they have to live in close quarters, with only each other to rely on when things inevitably go wrong.


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  1. I LOVE Swordheart SO MUCH. Like…..*crying of joy* soooo much. One thing I was not prepared for was the humor in that book. I was not expecting it to be so LOL funny but it is. Hope you enjoy all of these!

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