Weekly Reading Check-In: 03/18/20

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Time for another weekly check-in using WWW Wednesday, a meme hosted by Taking on a World of Words. Want to participate?  Simply answer the three questions below and tag the host site!  Book covers link to Goodreads.

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

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Currently Reading: UNCANNY COLLATERAL by Brian McClellan
Hello from quarantine land!  Like most of the world, I’m in self-isolation for the foreseeable future, which thankfully at the moment just means that I have an excuse to stay home and read!  Right now I’m about 20% into self-published novella UNCANNY COLLATERAL, about a man who works as a “reaper” – the heavy they call in to collect souls from people who traded them away in a deal and then tried to renege on the bargain.  Along with his partner Maggie (who’s a jinn), they are hired by Death himself to solve an unusual case.  This is the kind of quick read I needed for my brain after the epic fantasy that was my last book (see below), and I might even have it finished by the time this post goes live!

Recently Finished: LEGACY OF ASH by Matthew Ward
As predicted, it took me a good chunk of time to get through this one – eleven days, even with additional reading time provided by the world falling apart!  But I’ve finished it and hope to have a review up by the end of the week.  Short review is that this a good read, especially if you like big empire-spanning politics, but I wish the characters had been a little more fleshed out.  Your mileage may vary!

Probable Next Read: NIGHT OF THE DRAGON by Julie Kagawa and/or EMPIRE OF SAND by Tasha Suri
The order in which I read the next two on my list will be determined partially by mood and partially by how quickly I think I can get through EMPIRE OF SAND, as I have a blog tour commitment for NIGHT OF THE DRAGON.  I’m excited for both of these, so either way I’m winning!  NIGHT OF THE DRAGON finishes the trilogy started by SHADOW OF THE FOX, where a half-kitsune girl races to stop a Demon Lord from using the Scroll of a Thousand Prayers to unleash his army on the world.  EMPIRE OF SAND is a more slow burn fantasy/romance/political drama that I’ve had on my list for a while now, and finally want to get to this month!

5 thoughts on “Weekly Reading Check-In: 03/18/20

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  1. Yay on finishing Legacy of Ash! I’ll probably be listening to Night of the Dragon early next month if everything goes according to plan. Empire of Sand is another one I’ve been meaning to get to for a while! Looking forward to your thoughts on all of these!

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  2. Ugh, I still have to go into work🙁 I mean, the world will collapse if people don’t get their office furniture in the middle of a pandemic! But glad to hear you got through the beast that is Legacy of Ash😁

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