Top Five Tuesday: Authors on my TBR (P-T)

We’re nearing the end of our our author alphabet extravaganza!  This week, Bionic Book Worm has set the letters to be P-T.  As a reminder, I’m using this Top Five Tuesday challenge to look at authors from my TBR who I don’t talk about that much.  If you’re interested in previous weeks, you can find links below!

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Top Five Tuesday: Authors on My TBR (K-O)

As always, if any of these titles interest you, covers link to Goodreads!

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This was a YA fantasy I truly meant to check out last year, but ran out of time.  It follows that favorite of fantasy traditions: five unconnected strangers are suddenly bound together by prophecy.  Will they save the world or destroy it?  I’m so curious about it, would love to put it at the top of my TBR some day.

WASTE TIDE by Chen Qiufan
I had exactly one author on my TBR for the letter Q, so here we go! This speculative fiction imagines a future island off the coast of China that is the center for electronic waste recycling, where clans fight to control the power that comes from processing the waste of foreign countries.  This sounds like one of those books set in a “future” that is all too close for comfort….

AFTER ON by Rob Reid
And now some more speculative fiction, though this one is on the lighter side.  Social networking AI Phluttr is all the rage, but there’s also a lot of speculation about her ultimate objective. What is for sure is that with her knowledge bank and processing, she can do just about whatever she wants, and there are multiple forces out there hoping to influence her to their benefit.  This book is a standalone and a commentary on social media, and I find those fun to slip into my reading every once in a while.

32469783._sx318_  38205303

And now a little grimdark for the list!  This trilogy has been published by both Orbit and HarperVoyager (depending on your region), too publishers with a pretty solid track record.  A band of soldiers determined to save their empire from the decadence blinding the court to outside dangers hatch a plan to invade the capitol city and kill the emperor.  But a boy in the unit believes he has another destiny waiting for him at the capitol, and it might not be good for any one if he finds out what it is…

THE TIGER AT MIDNIGHT by Swati Teerdhala
Lastly, a YA trilogy inspired by Hindu mythology, one which promises me a enemies-to-lovers trope!  Esha is an assasssin, and her latest target is General Hotha.  Kunal, on the other hand, has been training his whole life to be a soldier, and is very invested in keeping his uncle – General Hotha – alive.  When Esha and Kunal’s paths cross, they’ll realize their pawns in a much larger game, and they’re going to have to decide what they truly want to save as they struggle to protect the people they love.

And that’s the list for this week!  Next week is the grand finale!

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