First Impression: THE BONE SHARD DAUGHTER by Andrea Stewart

nvp53pyhevsmg5vkzsotThis week at io9, we were graced with a cover reveal and excerpt for the upcoming fantasy novel THE BONE SHARD DAUGHTER by Andrea Stewart!  Arriving September 2020, this is the first in a new trilogy from a debut author and promises an intriguing new kind of magic.  You can head to the link above for the excerpt, but the synopsis for the book is:

The emperor’s reign has lasted for decades, his mastery of bone shard magic powering the animal-like constructs that maintain law and order. But now his rule is failing, and revolution is sweeping across the Empire’s many islands.

Lin is the emperor’s daughter and spends her days trapped in a palace of locked doors and dark secrets. When her father refuses to recognize her as heir to the throne, she vows to prove her worth by mastering the forbidden art of bone shard magic.

Yet such power carries a great cost, and when the revolution reaches the gates of the palace, Lin must decide how far she is willing to go to claim her birthright—and save her people.

I have to say, after reading the excerpt, I’m definitely most intrigued to learn more about this magic system.  It seems like we have all kinds of fantastical creatures in our future. Look at this description for instance:

It looked like a deer, except for the fangs protruding from its mouth and the curling monkey’s tail. Two small wings sprouted from its shoulders, blood staining the fur around them.

I can’t wait to see what other creatures stalk the pages of this book!  I’m also curious to see how this bone shard magic works.  Every citizen must contribute a shard of their skull to the emperor’s collection, and the return of a shard is enough to bribe an ordinary citizen to keep quiet about an enormous secret.  Are citizens magically linked to the constructs they power?  Can the emperor control the populace by using magic on their shards? We’ll have to wait a few more months before we find the answers!

How about you?  Are you looking forward to THE BONE SHARD DAUGHTER?

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