Top Five Tuesday: SFF Books That Have Been on My Goodreads TBR the Longest

This week, I’ve decided to hop into the Wayback Machine and see what sci-fi/fantasy books have been hanging out on my Goodreads Want to Read Shelf the longest (and if I can remember why they’re there).  This prompt might also finally motivate me to do some digital decluttering and remove some things from my Goodreads TBR.  (Except what if one day I DO want to finally read these books?)

These books were all added in 2013/2014, back when I was juuust starting to dabble in reading again.  College years of being a history major meant my reading had been slow and sporadic for years (after a childhood where I devoured everything in sight).  I wouldn’t seriously fall into the SFF well until 2015 (at least, that’s when I also started seriously keeping Goodreads records) but here’s where my head space was at in the beginning!

All covers link to Goodreads!

Friday  Theft of Swords  Half Lives

FRIDAY by Robert Heinlen
If I remember correctly, this one fell into my TBR back when I was dusting off my Goodreads account for the first time in years, and one of those “If you like this, try this” algorithms popped up.  Robert Heinlen is a sci-fi author better known for STARSHIP TROOPERS and STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND, but something about the concept of a woman who was a secret courier really grabbed me, and I threw it onto my list to read some day.

THEFT OF SWORDS by Michael J. Sullivan
I do not remember exactly how this added up on my TBR, but I do know that I legitimately want to read this series.  In the intervening years I’ve seen a couple of good reviews from people I respect, and who doesn’t like a story of two rogues who end up over their heads.  This one is on my Great Series Read Project and I legitimately hope to get to it some day.

HALF LIVES by Sara Grant
This one I rescued from my sister’s shelves when she was doing a purge.  HALF LIVES is a YA sci-fi tale told from two POVs generations apart.  In the first timeline, a group of teens live in a bunk after a viral attack, unsure of what has happened to the rest of the world in the months that follow the attack.  A few hundred years in the future, a young man leads a cult that worships the mountain where that bunker was hidden, with “surprising” ties to the original teens.  I don’t expect this one to be GREAT, but on the fabled day where I have a perfectly reasonable TBR and can just start picking books off my shelf at random, this is a likely candidate.

Unwrapped Sky  15750874

UNWRAPPED SKY by Rjurik Davidson
This was 100% added to my TBR because of the cover. Based on the release date, I suspect that around this time was when I started reading io9’s monthly roundup of SFF books releasing, which began my slippery slope journey to join the ranks of you who have more books on your TBR than you can read in a lifetime. The plot is a little vague, but it seems to take place in a city ruled by three houses, and our heroes are a group of rebels threatening to overthrow those houses.  Oh, and there are minotaur humanoids with luscious manes.  sold.

THE GLASS ARROW by Kristen Simmons
Last, but not least, we have a YA book that was definitely the fault of io9.  Pitched as a book in the vein of THE HANDMAID’S TALE, it was set in a world where woman are scarce and frequently sold off at auction for “breeding.” One of those charming stories.  One teen leads a group of women who have been successfully living as nomads away from civilization, until something goes wrong and she’s captured and sold and has to fight her way to freedom.  I’m still a bit curious about this one, but also more wary, as it’s the kind of material that could go wrong easily.

And those are the sci-fi/fantasy books that have been wasting away on my TBR for years!  Have you read any of them?


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  1. I actually have a used copy of Unwrapped Sky I got got a few years ago after it’d been on my TBR for… well, since whenever it was released. And I was hoping that would motivate me to read it. …Which it didn’t! 😂

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