August 2020 Book Haul

Last haul of the summer!  As I’ve taken a look at the review copies I already have on hand, as well as the books I plan on purchasing and reading by the end of the year, I’ve made myself be much, MUCH more restrained in my ARC requests this month. That means a quick haul for this month, but still some good pulls!


The Thief Who Pulled On Trouble's Braids

I picked this one up on Kindle in preparation for Self-Published Fantasy Month! This year, the hosts of the annual event are organizing a read-along, and McClung’s book is the chosen material.  I was a little wary of joining in with how packed my TBR is for the next few months, but TROUBLE’S BRAIDS clocks in at just over 200 pages, so it should fit into my schedule with room to spare!  The premise is a thief goes on a revenge quest after a friend is killed, but finds herself tangling with an immortal assassin, a mad sorcerer, and more. This sounds like a fun adventure and I’m looking forward to checking it out!


Nophek Gloss Cover

NOPHEK GLOSS by Essa Hansen
And now for a new space opera! NOPHEK GLOSS is the first in a new trilogy and follows a young man’s quest for revenge on the people who destroyed his planet. Along the way, he’ll steal a ship, one that has a soul and some galaxy-altering abilities. I haven’t read a ton of sci-fi this year, so I’m looking forward to having a new series to put on my list!

Physical ARC

The Ikessar Falcon

Physical review copies have started flowing once again! This month, I got a surprise copy of the sequel to THE WOLF OF OREN-YARO. The first book took a while to get its claws into me, but man did the ending leave me wanting  more. I’m not sure how I’m going to fit this one into the review stack, but I’m sure motivated to try…

And what’s what I hauled this month!  A small stack, but with the size of my review pile for the rest of the year, I couldn’t really justify any more. So what did you haul this month?

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