Weekly Reading Check-In: 09/23/20

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Time for another weekly check-in using WWW Wednesday, a meme hosted by Taking on a World of Words. Want to participate?  Simply answer the three questions below and tag the host site!  Book covers link to Goodreads.

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

The Sword of Kaigen  Harrow the Ninth

Currently Reading: SWORD OF KAIGEN by M.L. Wang
I’m almost a third of the way into this and enjoying it a lot so far! I have to admit, I was not prepared for the world of KAIGEN in much the same way I wasn’t prepared for the world of JADE CITY. While the cover of KAIGEN is very “old era” fantasy style, this is a setting where large parts of the world are in a modern era, with planes, TVs, and cellphones, while smaller pockets cling to the old warrior ways and wear outfits like on the cover. That said, I’m enjoying the AVATAR-esque elemental fighting magic. The story has already gone some unexpected places, looking forward to see how everything ties together!

Recently Finished: HARROW THE NINTH
And with this, I have caught up on all my August ARCs, huzzah! HARROW THE NINTH was as weird as the first book, just in different ways. Once again, you are thrown into the deep end with very little understanding of what is going on, though the fact that Harrow herself is as confused as you are helps. This is a series that I find intriguing, but I’m not ready to throw it at every person I meet because I think the books only click with those who are ready to dive into the crazy without reservation. Full review up in a few days, but if you like clear cut answers sooner than later, this is not the book for you.

Probable Next Read: ????
I have a feeling that my time with Self-Published Fantasy Month has come to a close with SWORD OF KAIGEN, but hey, I’m completing a HUGE reading goal for me this year, so success! As for what’s next, it will definitely be an ARC, but which one…I’m torn between jumping ahead into the October pile or backwards into the September pile to play catch-up, so I guess we’ll see where my mood is when I finish KAIGEN!

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  1. Oh wow I didn’t realise that about Kaigen, I thought it was a ‘past era’ setting. That has me more excited to read it actually, I’ve read some awesome stuff set in more modern settings lately. The Green Bone saga books as you say, and also the Amberlough Dossier series by Lara Elena Donnelly.

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  2. I had the same whiplash with SWORD OF KAIGEN, but holy shit, once you get used to it, the ending is just….it’ll floor you (or, it floored me, at any rate). I hope your enjoyment increases as you keep reading!

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