October 2020 Book Haul

October was a good month for hauling books! There were freebies, birthday gifts, ARCs I had completely given up all hope of receiving. Sure, I’m more buried in reads than ever, but they all look so shiny and wonderful, how could I possibly say no? So let’s see what has fallen into my lap, shall we?

If any of these strike your fancy, the covers link to Goodreads!


 A Crash of Fate  Unsouled

A CRASH OF FATE by Zoraida Cordova
The first of two Star Wars books acquired this month was part of an online celebration by Disney of, guess what, Star Wars books! The free download got me a copy of A CRASH OF FATE, a book that helps establish some of the lore of the planet Batuu, the planet guests of Disney Parks can “visit” when they go to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. I’m expecting this to be a brief but pleasant read – in short, the perfect thing to acquire and read for free!

UNSOULED by Will Wight
My Twitter feed has been abuzz about the CRADLE books, a self-published series that just recently released book eight (of I believe a planned 13? I could be wrong, don’t quote me on that). To promote the release of the newest book the author briefly made THE ENTIRE SERIES free, and while I was tempted to snatch them all up at once, I limited myself to book one. I have enough guilt sitting on my Kindle without adding seven more books with a single click! But I’m hoping this is a series I will enjoy, especially as the books clock in at a breezy 300ish pages a piece. It’s supposed to have a lot in common with shonen anime/manga, a genre I’m not super familiar with, but curious to try out.

Battle Ground Dresden Files  Thrawn Ascendancy

BATTLE GROUND by Jim Butcher
I got two books for my birthday, the first of which is the second DRESDEN FILES book to release this month, BATTLE GROUND! After an absolutely abrupt cliff-hanger of an ending, I’m eager to see how things resolve in this second book, especially since they potentially could change the dynamics of how the magical and non-magical world interact. PEACE TALKS was a slower, more info-dumpy book, but I believe that was necessary to set the stage of what is to come in this part two installment. Looking forward to reading this by the end of the year!

My other birthday present was the newest THRAWN book! Just in time for Sci-Fi Month no less! This new trilogy is a prequel, set in the time before Thrawn ventured out of the Unknown Regions and settled into a command post in the Empire. I’m rarely disappointed in a book by Zahn, and will definitely put this on the top of the pile for Sci-Fi Month!


Hollow Empire  The Burning God

After a few delays, the standalone sequel to CITY OF LIES will finally grace our shelves! CITY OF LIES will always have a special place in my heart as the first book I reviewed for my blog. That, and, you know, it was a really good book. The first was a murder mystery that took place in the pressure cooker situation of a city under siege, and while it wrapped up most things by the end, a few strands were left open for a potential sequel. The next book will

I honestly had given up all hope of acquiring an ARC of this one before release, but one more plea on Edelweiss managed to make my hopes and dreams come true! The final book in THE POPPY WAR Trilogy releases in mid-November, meaning I’ve got my work cut out to read this in time to review! I’m ready to get my heart broken, let’s get to it.


The Shattered Realm of Ardor Benn  The Mask of Mirrors

I’ve tried very very hard to break myself of the habit of requesting review copies of sequels where I haven’t read the first book, and I’ve made good on that promise for most of the year. Until an entire trilogy about thieves came out, with the books released over the course of three months, and I simply said “Inject this straight into my veins.” I’ve avoided reading up on the synopsis for book two, but book one was about a master thief collecting a band of people together to rob a king and seemed to check all the boxes of things I like in books. Hopefully these books live up to my hopes!

Speaking of checking boxes, I’m VERY excited to have a hard copy ARC of THE MASK OF MIRRORS! I’d previously received a copy on NetGalley, but I will never pass up the chance to acquire a physical ARC when possible. Con artists, dashing vigilantes, feuding aristocratic houses – yes please!

And that’s what I got my hands on this month! Anything in particular strike your fancy?

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  1. The Ardor Benn books and The Mask of Mirrors sound like the kind of fantasy I love. Thieves and heists and feuding aristocratic houses! I’ll not be reading any fantasy for the foreseeable cos of SciFi month but these are definitely in the back of my mind for December/January.

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