November 2020 Book Haul

Second-to-last haul of the year! After splurging a bit during my birthday month, I’ve gone back to being more selective in what I acquire, especially as my ARC backlog is still a bit out of control. Hopefully in the quiet months of December and January I’ll get the pile more in hand. Unfortunately for my backlog, the 2021 ARCs are starting to pop up, including some books I’ve been waiting MONTHS for. So, what did I snatch up and add to my queue?

If any of these catch your eye, covers link to Goodreads!


 A Desolation Called Peace  The Unbroken

This is the book I’m most excited to get, as I’ve been waiting for it ever since finishing the first book in the series, A MEMORY CALLED EMPIRE. I am a sucker for books about royal court intrigue, and MEMORY was that, but in a court that governed entire planets, not just countries. Although MEMORY was a self-contained story, there were definitely hints that all was not right at the edges of the empire, and it looks like the threat that was lurking has finally crystalized. It’s up to Mahit Dzmare and Three Seagrass (yes that’s a name) to find a way to communicate with the enemy and possibly find peace. I. can’t. wait.

I will admit, this book had me when it spoke of wars waged in the bedroom and in the war room. No, I lied, it had me at THAT COVER, and then it had me at the blurb. A princess who wants to dethrone her uncle makes an alliance with a forcibly-conscripted soldier who has been sent to her own homeland to put down a rebellion, one she may not actually want to stop. As mentioned above, I love a good court intrigue, so let’s see how all this plotting and scheming leads to some terrible romantic choices, shall we?


The Last Lies of Ardor Benn

Yes, I did what I promised myself I would never do again, and I requested a whole trilogy before reading the first book. Oops. But the premise seems so up my alley, it was hard to say no! My plan is to read book one, which starts with the premise of a group of thieves pulling off the ultimate heist, in December, and hopefully get through the full trilogy by early next year, no small feat because these books are THICK.

And those are the acquisitions for this month! Pick up any books you’re excited about?

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