Monthly Wrap-Up: March 2021

Well this has been a month! I finished six and change books (I had mostly finished A DESOLATION CALLED PEACE before the month started), something I was sure wasn’t going to happen. Apparently the novellas I squeezed in made up for the tomes on the list! Made some excellent progress on my Great Series Read Project (more below) and am in a good place heading into the massive review pile I have stacked up for the next few months. Hoping to keep working in backlist books, so we’ll see if I stay ahead of my ARC commitments, but if I don’t, oh well!

I also need to start doing a little prep for one of my favorite times of year, Wyrd and Wonder! Hosted by the lovely Lisa, Jorie, and imyril, Wyrd and Wonder is a month-long celebration of all things fantasy, from books to movies and everything in between. You can simply follow along for amazing content if you want, or if you’d like to contribute posts, there’s a master schedule you can add to so the hosts know where to send people for your flailing about fantasy!

Great Series Read Project Update

Another fantastic month for sequel reading! I caught up on two series through ARCs, A DESOLATION CALLED PEACE and FUGITIVE TELEMETRY; I also read RAVENCALLER, book two in a completed trilogy, thanks to the lovely people at Orbit sending me a review copy. But most importantly, I made progress on three backlist series this month! I FINALLY got back to the SPELLSLINGER series and read book four, SOULBINDER and also FINALLY started THE FIRST LAW series! I’m hoping to alternate between these two series for the next few months and have both series done by end of summer at the latest, if not sooner. I’m also making steady progress on the AMRA THETYS (ie, THE THIEF WHO….) books, which is easier to sneak into my reading pile since the books average under 200 pages in length. Hoping to catch-up to where the series currently is in the next few months!

Reminder if you’re new you can see all my Great Series Read progress at the link above, including what series I’m working on now, what series are in progress, and what series I have on my list to tackle (spoiler, it’s a LONG list to tackle).

Books Read/Reviewed

A DESOLATION CALLED PEACE by Arkady Martine – 4/5 Stars
SOULBINDER by Sebastien de Castell – 4/5 Stars
THE UNBROKEN by C.L. Clark – 4/5 Stars
FUGITIVE TELEMETRY by Martha Wells – 5/5 Stars – Review to come!
THE BLADE ITSELF by Joe Abercrombie – 4/5 Stars
RAVENCALLER – 3.75/5 Stars – Review to come!

And that’s a wrap on March!

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