April 2021 Book Haul

I feel like this month’s haul was a lot of stock piling for the summer, for good or for bad. May is a particularly crowded release window, and a number of the books I picked up are hefty tomes releasing soon – which in part requires reading some ARCs I didn’t read last year when they first released. Oops. So that means I’ll be playing a bit of catch-up. On the bright side, a lot of my haul this month contains trilogy finishers, so more releases in those series, huzzah!! And for every tome I loaded up on, I also somehow grabbed a sub-300 page book as well, so in the grand balance, it all works out! Here’s what I picked up this month.

If any of these books catch your eye, I’ve linked the cover to Goodreads!


The Thief Who Wasn't There

Keeping my purchases light again this month! Simply picking up the next book in the AMRA THETYS series as part of my Great Series Read Project. This book four of a currently published five books, so I’ll soon have the full series checked off my list! THE THIEF WHO KNOCKED ON SORROW’S GATE ended on a cliff hanger for thief Amra Thetys, and the next book picks up from the POV of another character who is trying to figure out what happened to her, using whatever magic or political connections necessary to do so. And if that involves literally going to hell and back, so be it.

Physical ARCs

 Voidbreaker  The Dragon of Jin-Sayeng

VOIDBREAKER by David Dalglish
I’ve been a bit behind on THE KEEPERS series, but the good people at Orbit have graciously kept hooking me up with review copies! VOIDBREAKER is the third and final book in the trilogy, which focuses on the city of Londheim, which finds itself at the center of bloodshed and violence when magic and mythical creatures suddenly become a living part of the world. The races that once inhabited the land want their homes back, and the humans who’ve been living there for centuries don’t feel keen on moving. This series is both dark and hopeful in turns, but I would not recommend for anyone who is squeamish about on the page violence or discussion of past sexual assault. For those of you who aren’t turned away by that, THE KEEPERS trilogy has been wonderfully inventive and is worth a read.

Another series that I’m behind on, but hope to fix this summer! THE DRAGON OF JIN-SAYENG is the third book in the CHRONICLES OF THE BITCH QUEEN trilogy, which follows Queen Talyien as she fights to protect her throne from threats foreign and domestic. I don’t know TOO much about what’s going on in this installment, as I still need to read THE IKESSAR FALCON, which tragically didn’t get read last year when my ARC pile spun out of control. Looking forward to catching up this summer!


 Goodbye to the Sun  A Spindle Splintered  A War of Swallowed Stars

GOODBYE TO THE SUN by Jonathan Nevair
Taking a dip into small press this month to pick up this sci-fi tale! Releasing in May 2021, GOODBYE TO THE SUN is a space opera loosely inspired by Greek tragedy ANTIGONE. A pilot trying to protect her people’s independence kidnaps an ambassador to use as a bargaining chips, only for things to go horribly wrong. I’m hoping to get this read and reviewed before its release in May, so stand by for more updates!

Lastly, we have a novella that’s a modern retelling of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale. Alix always has interesting commentary on how we as readers interact with stories, as well as a feminist bent, so I’m very curious where things go in her upcoming novella. Plus, that cover is SO eye-catching!

THE CELESTIAL Trilogy has a special place in my heart in that book one, A SPARK OF WHITE FIRE, was one of the earliest books I reviewed. This YA space opera series is inspired by an Indian epic poem, the Mahabharata, full of both space ships and gods alike. While I enjoyed the sequel, my biggest complaint was that the author made NO EFFORT to remind readers of some critical things in book one. For instance, curses are very real and play a very big part in this world, but there was no helpful throwaway line about what the wording of the curse was that was affecting a particular character. So I made a vow that when the third book came out, I was going to simply sit down and read the full trilogy back-to-back-to-back like it was one book. As each book is sub-300 pages, that shouldn’t be too difficult to do, and I think I’ll enjoy it more fully for doing so, and I’ll share my final impressions on reading it that way after I do so.

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