Favorite Fantasy Book Covers – Wyrd and Wonder

I have talked many, many, MANY times about the book covers that give me joy. There’s so much artwork I would love nothing more than to frame and hang on my wall. But I’ve realized that while I’ve shouted about the books themselves, I’ve been TERRIBLE about recognizing the names of the artists themselves who did the gorgeous art! Today I’m going to rectify that with a spotlight on a handful of the artists who have brought me joy – if you’ve got a favorite, leave their name in the comments!

Charlie Bowater

Sorcery of Thorns  Vespertine

Jung Shan Chang

The Poppy War  The Rise of Kyoshi  She Who Became the Sun

Felix Ortiz

Never Die  A Chorus of Fire

Tran Nguyen

Spin the Dawn  Six Crimson Cranes  The Storm Crow

Robert Hunt

The Bear and the Nightingale  The Girl in the Tower  The Winter of the Witch

Richard Anderson

 Ship of Smoke and Steel  Kings of the Wyld

12 thoughts on “Favorite Fantasy Book Covers – Wyrd and Wonder

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  1. All of these cover artists are phenomenal ! Great post. My personal favs are – Jung Shan Chang and Felix Ortiz


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