Monthly Wrap-Up: May 2021

First off, big shout out to Lisa, Jorie and imyril for running another fabulous Wyrd and Wonder event! I had a lot of fun writing some fantasy inspired posts (links below), and having just a little extra reason to read some fantasy (not that I ever need a reason). I made good progress this month, reading four books and starting a fifth, and I’m especially impressed as two of those were 500+ pages. Of course, I miiiight have delayed starting MASTER ARTIFICER this month because I was daunted by the roughly 900 pages it contains, but I’ve committed to getting through it in June.

Great Series Read Update

Once again, promising progress made on series! I made time for a backlist read, BEFORE THEY ARE HANGED, getting through book two in the FIRST LAW series. Hoping to find time for the final book this summer! I also read my ARC of THE HOUSE OF ALWAYS, bringing me to book 4 out of 5 in that series; the final book won’t be released until next year, so for now the A CHORUS OF DRAGONS series can sit comfortably in my “up-to-date” section.

Next month is looking promising, with a couple of trilogy finales coming up, plus I SWEAR I’m going to get to QUEENSLAYER next month – I want to finish the SPELLSLINGER series before the summer ends!

Reviews/Books Read

REALM OF ASH by Tasha Suri – 3.5/5 Stars
THE THIEF WHO WASN’T THERE by Michael McClung – 4.5/5 Stars
THE HOUSE OF ALWAYS by Jenn Lyons – 4.5/5 Stars
THE BLACKTONGUE THIEF by Christopher Buehlman – 3/5 Stars
GOODBYE TO THE SUN by Jonathan Nevair – 2.75/5 stars
BEFORE THEY ARE HANGED by Joe Abercrombie – 4.5/5 Stars – Review to come!
FOR THE WOLF by Hannah Whitten – Currently Reading!

Notable Posts

Most Anticipated: Summer 2021 SFF Book Releases
Favorite Self-Published Fantasy
Favorite Fantasy Book Covers

And that’s a wrap on May!

5 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up: May 2021

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  1. The end of Spellslinger is amazing! Well, all of it was amazing, so. And I hear you on daunting books. I’m avoiding Rhythm of War because it’s 1200 pages and I’m super intimidated even though I know it’ll be amazing once I read it.

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  2. Well, every excuse is a good ones for reading fantasy!! And you did great this month! I was thinking about starting the series of Master Artificier but maybe I would keep that on hold, at the moment I have my share of chunky books waiting for me, so I will wait a bit more for it. Thanks!

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