Weekly Reading Check-In: 06/23/21

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Time for another weekly check-in using WWW Wednesday, a meme hosted by Taking on a World of Words. Want to participate?  Simply answer the three questions below and tag the host site!  Book covers link to Goodreads.

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

 Catalyst Gate  Queenslayer  The Thief Who Went to War

Currently Reading: QUEENSLAYER by Sebastien de Castell
I am TEARING through book five of the SPELLSLINGER series, which shouldn’t shock me and yet it does. After reading some massive, dense books, the fact that I can read 115 pages in a single sitting is amazing. They’re just light, quick, well-paced tales that sling you from one adventure to the next. It also helps that this series engages some favorite tropes. Kellen, as a relatively weak mage in this universe, has to survive on his wits, coming up with outside-the-box ways to take on enemies far more powerful than him. I enjoy a good power fantasy, but I LOVE seeing clever protagonists who come out on top when the odds are against them. The book also contains a scene early on where Kellen plays cards with a queen, and it soon becomes clear that there is a conversation happening with the way she is playing her cards that goes beyond simply beating Kellen. Seriously, these books are just candy to me, and I’m looking forward to finishing the series soon (one more book to go)!

Recently Finished: CATALYST GATE by Megan E. O’Keefe
WOW, this was a phenomenal finish to an already great series. CATALYST GATE doesn’t skimp on action, while also untangling all of the mysteries established in the first two books. It was utterly satisfying, and even Biran, who I’ve found to be a weak link in the previous entries, steps up to the plate and earns his keep in protecting the galaxy. If you like sci-fi and haven’t read this trilogy, GET TO IT. Even better, I discovered author O’Keefe has another trilogy in the works, and you can bet I’m picking it up the minute I can get my hands on it.

Probable Next Read: THE THIEF WHO WENT TO WAR by Michael McClung
Continuing a downward trend in page count (866, 566, 436, and now 209), I’m following up QUEENSLAYER with THE THIEF WHO WENT TO WAR, the final novella in the AMRA THETYS series (at least for now). Not only will I check off my self-published read for the month, this will also complete my first backlist project for the year! All previous series I’ve finished or caught up on have been recent releases thanks to ARCs, so I’m proud of this accomplishment. I’ve got a lot of series that are actually fairly close to being finished, so I might have a few more boxes to check on my Great Series Read Project!

What are you reading this week?

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  1. As a big space opera geek I def need to read this Megan O’Keefe trilogy. I’m reading The Midnight Bargain at the mo for the Subjective Chaos nominees. It’s not something I would ever have picked up on my own cos it’s like fantasy period romance, but I gotta say I’m really really enjoying it haha. It’s phenomenally well-written and actually make me to want to pick up C. L. Polk’s other fantasy romance series The Kingston Cycle.

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