June 2021 Book Haul


 The Thief Who Went to War  Last Argument of Kings  Crownbreaker

First purchase goes to my Great Series Read project! This is the last book I have left in the FIRST LAW series, and I’m hoping to read it in August before my TBR gets ridiculous with fall ARC deluge. This is a big old thick book, but I’ve found Abercrombie’s work to go remarkably quickly. Fun fact: every book I have in this series is a different edition, so none of them match and it drives me CRAZY. THE BLADE ITSELF is an ebook from a Kindle Daily Deal, the second was an apparently UK edition I found at a second hand shop, and then I’ve bought the current edition in print.

For my self-published read of the month, I’m finishing off the AMRA THETYS series! For now, this is the last book in the series, though the author has said he’s working on a book six. I’m actively reading the book now, which means I’ll shortly be “done” with the series, huzzah! If you’re looking for quick fun reads, these books all clock in around 200-ish pages and can easily be read in a day or two, and are about a thief who finds herself stuck in some godly machinations. Book two is…not great, but all the others I highly recommend, so come join the party!

CROWNBREAKER by Sebastien de Castell
And lastly, I purchased CROWNBREAKER, book 6 in the SPELLSLINGER series, which will mean I’ve finished ANOTHER series! Book 5, QUEENSLAYER, was a bit of a misstep for me, so I’m crossing my fingers the series finishes strong, as I have REALLY enjoyed it up to that point.

ARCs/Review Copies

 Catalyst Gate  53205888  58011718._sx318_

CATALYST GATE by Megan E. O’Keefe
Surprise! Another series ending book! I’ve already read (and LOVED) this final book in the protectorate series, and if you’re interested in my thoughts, you can read my review here. I really can’t recommend these books enough, if you’re a fan of sci-fi with conspiracies and AI and politics, get yourself these books ASAP.

It took me a while to read THE HOUSE IN THE CERULEAN SEA, but I truly did adore it when I did. It was a lovely standalone book about an orphanage for children with unusual abilities, and the inspector who’s come to decide if it will stay open or not. It’s incredibly whimsical and a nice cup of coco for the soul. The author’s new standalone is about a man named Wallace, who finds himself dead and his soul at a tea shop run by the ferryman who will help him to the other side. Except Wallace isn’t ready to cross over just yet, and is determined to do some living now that he’s dead.

FEAR AND FURY by Jamie Jackson
Last but not least, a self-published book I accepted for review, FEAR AND FURY. Meg might have the power to control other people’s fear emotion, but that doesn’t mean she has any aspirations to be a hero or a villain. She’d rather just live her life free from all that drama, despite recruitment attempts from both sides. But when Meg gets in a little over her head, she’s forced to team up with the heroes to save her own skin. From the handful of pages I’ve skimmed so far, this looks like it could be a breezy fun adventure (the protagonist being the quippy sarcastic type I tend to enjoy), so I hope to have a review later this summer!

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  1. I’m looking forward to the Amra Thetys books getting back on track. By the way, what did you think about the romantic element being introduced to Amra and Holgren’s relationship in book two? Obv you’ve read most of the others as well so have more context for how things develop, but I was not a fan. It felt like McClung just introduced it so Amra would have enough motivation to put her life on the line to save him in that story, but I thought them just being close friends was more than enough motivation for that. I’m salty about it haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, it was one of the many things I didn’t love about book 2, especially since it was literally godly interference and not character driven. But it’s an element that’s carried forward into the rest of the series so I’ve just learned to live with it!


      1. Sigh. I’ll learn to live with it too then I guess. If the rest of the storyline returns to form then it’s a small price to pay. But sigh…


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