Monthly Book Haul: July 2021

A decent sized haul for this month, with a mixture of purchases and ARCs to get me through the hot summer months. My purchases feel extra special, as I bought them from an indie book shop while on vacation in Oregon. Even though it will probably be a few months until I read them, knowing where I got them will bring a little extra joy every time I see them on my shelves!

All covers link to Goodreads if you want to check them out!


 23395680._sy475_  Theft of Swords

ILLUMINAE by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
I’ve been curious about this trilogy, which tells a sci-fi tale of two teens trying to escape a war who end up on a ship with what may be a hostile AI. The story is told through emails, chat transcripts, memos, and other non-traditional narrative devices, and I’ve been told a hardcopy version of this series is the way to go to get the full effect. I came across a copy while on vacation and decided to splurge a little and add it to my collection.

THEFT OF SWORDS by Michael J. Sullivan
This has been on my list to read since I first returned to reading SFF six years ago. So when I spotted a fairly decent copy in a second hand shop, I decided it was time to add a copy to my collection, in the hopes that I will FINALLY read it. My understanding is volume one combines together the first two books in the series, which follows a mercenary thief and swordsman duo who get in over their heads when they are hired to steal a sword. I’ve heard there’s good banter and friendship to be found in THEFT OF SWORDS, so hopefully I can start it soon!

ARCs/Review Copies

 The Exiled Fleet  Servant Mage  We Cry For Blood

I’ve been frantically watching my NetGalley account for news on this ARC, so it was with GREAT relief when the alert came through that I’d FINALLY been approved! THE LAST WATCH, which released earlier this year, is on track to be one of my top reads for 2021, so I’m VERY excited to start reading this before it’s release in August 2021! The original book followed a military ship on the fringes of the galaxy that has a reputation for housing all the troublemakers. After surviving a disaster in book one, our crew returns to get some revenge on the people who betrayed them.

SERVANT MAGE by Kate Elliott
A little novella I picked up on NetGalley from the Tordotcom publishing team, SERVANT MAGE is about an woman freed from indentured servitude who finds herself and her magic caught up on in a conspiracy that aims to kill a royal child. I’ve never read Kate Elliott, but I know a lot of people loved her sci-fi adventure UNCONQUERABLE SUN, so this fantasy novella seems like a good way to dip my toes into her work! Fun fact: this book marks my first 2022 ARC, eeeek!!

WE CRY FOR BLOOD by Devin Madson
Lastly, my review copy for the third book in THE REBORN EMPIRE has arrived! This releases in early August, so I likely won’t get a review up before it releases, but suffice to say I’ve enjoyed the first two books in the series and look forward to the next chapter in the saga! Assassins, empresses, and warriors make up the POVs in this tale of clashing countries wrestling for control of the land. The extent of a looming threat was revealed at the end of book two, and I’m really curious where things are going. And after this, only one more book and the series is done!

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