Three Year Blogaversary: Ten Favorite Reviews

I can scarcely believe that today is my three year blogging anniversary! On this day in 2018, I finally become overwhelmed with the need to shout about books to SOMEONE who would understand, and I posted my very first review. It wasn’t the first post on my site, as I’d flailed about with the blog some months earlier trying to decide if writing about things on the internet was something that interested me. But it was the first time I posted a book review, so I have since held that the publishing day of my review of CITY OF LIES by Sam Hawke is my blogaversary (and BTW, that was a very good book). Here we are, three years later, and somehow I still haven’t given up writing over and over again about how much I love books.

So in that spirit, I’m here to share links to reviews that are very near and dear to my heart. It won’t be all of them, but it will be a start, and I hope you find some new things to love!

But first, one shout out to the book blogging community who makes this all possible. Every person who leaves a comment, shares a review, or just tweets to gush about a book makes my day that much better, and I literally wouldn’t be here without any of you.

Lastly, a note about the list below: it was originally supposed to be five books. My “short list” of candidates ended up being 18. In an attempt to get this to a reasonable number, I decided to forgo any book that released in 2021. You’ll find most of my favorites for the year (so far) summed up in my half-year check-in post, and I’ll be flailing more about 2021 releases in a few more months for end of year round-ups. Never fear, they are still going to be well-loved!

So let’s get going! All covers link to Goodreads, and the titles link to the original review. I’m keeping my descriptions BRIEF – you want more info, head to the review! In no particular order:

 Sorcery of Thorns  Shadow of the Fox  Shorefall

SORCERY OF THORNS by Margaret Rogerson
Warrior librarians, dashing sword fights, books that want pets. Enough said.

SHADOW OF THE FOX by Julia Kagawa
Anime in prose form. Book three left me a sobbing mess.

SHOREFALL by Robert Jackson Bennett
Magical coding gets very, VERY intense. Could not put down.

 Jade City  Kings of the Wyld  Velocity Weapon

JADE CITY by Fonda Lee
Best written characters ever? A city so real I was on the verge of booking plane tickets.

KINGS OF THE WYLD by Nicholas Eames
Possibly my favorite epilogue of all time. Also the mercenary as rock bands conversion just works too well.


 Godsgrave  A Memory Called Empire

GODSGRAVE by Jay Kristoff
An ending that had me texting multiple expletives to a friend.

Reading about language has never been more engaging. Also there’s a murder mystery and explosions, if you’re into that sort of thing.

 Spellslinger  Race the Sands

SPELLSLINGER by Sebastien de Castell
What if high fantasy, but with an Old West/cowboy flair? Also a talking squirrel-cat thing?

RACE THE SANDS by Sarah Beth Durst
Political intrigue by way of THE BLACK STALLION – you know, if the Black Stallion were a human soul reincarnated into a monstrous animal hybrid.

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  1. Happy 3 years! For some reason I thought you’d been going much longer than that. Probs just a psychological thing cos you were one of the first blogs I started following when I got into the book community myself so just assumed you’d already been around for ages! Here’s to many more *clinks glass*

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