Monthly Wrap-Up: August 2021

It’s the end of summer, and I’m going out on a high note! While I read fewer books than my crazy July sprint (which was helped a lot by a vacation), I did knock out two chunky 600 page tomes, so I still feel pretty proud of myself. I did not actually finish a self-published read this month, but I started HALL OF BONES and will finish it in early September, and hope to read one other self-published book in September to stay on track. (September is a great month to do so because it’s Self-Published Fantasy Month!)

I also kicked off a new feature series, “If/Then,” where I compare two works from two different kinds of media and talk about why, if you like one, you should play/read/watch the other. For my initial post, I talked about the video game PREY and the book VELOCITY WEAPON! I have another one in the works and a list of other potential ideas, and I’m hoping to turn out one or two of these posts a month!

Great Series Read Update

Big news for my Great Series Read: I finished THE FIRST LAW Trilogy!! This is a major backlist series I’ve been wanting to tackle, and I’m proud I both started and finished the trilogy this year. Next year I’ll probably try and tackle the standalones before working my way over to the newest trilogy. On other series fronts, I read two series ARCs, THE EXILED FLEET (Book 2 in THE DIVIDE, which is becoming a favorite series) and WE CRY FOR BLOOD, book 3 in a planned quartet. No release dates for the next books in those series, so for now, I’m caught up on those! Next month, I’m hoping to finish two more series, reading book 3 in both THE GILDED WOLVES and THE KEEPERS trilogies (by Roshani Chokshi and David Dalglish respectively).

Books Read/Reviewed

HERE AND NOW AND THEN by Mike Chen – 3/5 Stars
THE EXILED FLEET by J.S. Dewes – 5/5 Stars
WE CRY FOR BLOOD by Devin Madson – 4/5 Stars
LAST ARGUMENT OF KINGS by Joe Abercrombie – 4/5 Stars
AMONG THIEVES by M.J. Kuhn – 3.5/5 Stars – Review to Come
HALL OF BONES by Tim Hardie – Currently Reading!

Notable Posts

Three Year Blogaversary: 10 Favorite Reviews
Most Anticipated SFF Releases: September 2021
Video Games I’m Playing: 08/13/21

Here’s to a great fall TBR!

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