Review: VOIDBREAKER by David Dalglish

Publisher: Orbit Books
Page Count: 453
Release Date: February 9th, 2021
Series: THE KEEPERS, Book 3
Rating: 4/5 Stars – Really Liked It

Warning: Possible light spoilers for earlier books in the series. You can read reviews for those books here: SOULKEEPER, RAVENCALLER


The city of Londheim rests on a knife’s edge. Ever since magic returned to the world, both humans and the dragon-sired races have lain claim to the city and the surrounding lands, and both sides are willing to go to war over it. But the stakes have become much higher than the fate of one city. Adria’s powers have only increased since the dragon`s first subjected her to their experiments, rivaling those of the goddesses themselves. When the goddesses make it abundantly clear that they will not tolerate Adria meddling in divine matters, she reaches a crisis of faith. Adria has the power to help thousands of people, but the goddesses she has served her entire life claim her actions will upset the balance. Can Adria merely stand by while an entire city tears itself apart? And if she goes against the goddesses, will she also be going against the friends and family that she loves?

VOIDBREAKER is the kind of finale where all the spinning plates come crashing down in an immensely satisfying cacophony. The city of Londheim has always been a pressure cooker, and while it has boiled over in fits of violence before, this time the fighting is literally earth-shaking, potentially even world-ending. There must have been at least a half-dozen factions or various interested parties in the final climactic sequence, all striving to be the one who decides how the world moves forward. Will the dragons finally break the status quo, or will the goddesses prove their way has wisdom? Or will the void simply wipe away everything? Everyone has a different answer for who should lead, and it’s this clash of ideals that lays the foundation for the final confrontation.

The fights are made all the more resonant by the emotional weight the author has put behind the stakes. This isn’t simply a contest of power. For many characters, their entire worldview has been shattered by revelations in the leadup to the final climax. Adria and Devin in particular, devout followers of the church, are faced with the ugly realization that the goddesses are not infallible and indeed, are possibly incapable of empathizing with humanity’s point of view on certain matters. All of this emotional conflict and moral wrestling are channeled into the endgame fights, making the outcome even more vital to the characters and the reader. None of the problems posed have simple answers, and even the void has a sympathetic reason for wanting to end the universe.

VOIDBREAKER also continues a tradition of being an inclusive fantasy, with men and women equally represented throughout the main cast and background characters. VOIDBREAKER also introduces a trans woman to the POV lineup, one whose story is not purely about her recent change (though that is a part of it) but is instead a critical, active part in deciding the fate of Londheim. This character joins plenty of other casual LGTBQ representation not just amongst the lead characters, but among background characters as well.

THE KEEPERS is a series that has slowly, but surely wormed its way into my heart. I admit, during a fit of TBR cleansing, I almost left THE KEEPERS behind after reading SOULKEEPER, convincing myself that while it was good, I had other things to read. Except after a few months, I was struck by an urge to know what happened next in Londheim. I suddenly very much wanted to go back and know what was happening with Devin and Puffy and Adria and Jacaranda and everyone else. I’m so glad I went back, because it’s a series that has only gotten better with each book. It builds the mythology and continues to introduce new weird and wonderful creatures. And while I personally have wrestled with some of the darker elements of the series, at its heart, THE KEEPERS is about characters who are trying to do good. So if you’re up for fantasy that goes to some dark places, but is full of cinnamon roll heroes and imaginative mythology, give THE KEEPERS a whirl.

Note: I was provided a free review copy by the publisher in exchange for my fair and honest review.

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