Most Anticipated SFF Releases: October 2021

It’s gonna be a good month ladies and gentlemen! We have several new series starting, plus the second installment of a trilogy I’ve really been enjoying. so let’s dive in and check out new fantasy and sci-fi coming in October that I’m eager to read!

 Blood of the Chosen  Vespertine

BLOOD OF THE CHOSEN by Django Wexler
Release Date: October 5th, 2021

As of writing this post, I’m halfway through my ARC of BLOOD OF THE CHOSEN and am thoroughly enjoying being back in this world. For those who missed the first book in the trilogy, ASHES OF THE SUN, this is a series set in a world where past great races known only as the Chosen and the ghouls once clashed and fell in a war, leaving only ruins in their wake. Centuries later, humans are barely scraping by, with a group known as the Twilight Order protecting the handful of cities from the dangerous plaguespawn creatures that roam the lands. It’s a series that feels very infused with history, that blends sci-fi and fantasy into high adventure. If you crave a world where robotic constructs exist alongside humans who can summon a powerful fire blast, the BURNINGBLADE & SILVEREYE trilogy is for you!

VESPERTINE by Margaret Rogerson
Release Date: October 5th, 2021

I absolutely ADORED the first book I read of Rogerson’s, SORCERY OF THORNS, so I’m chomping at the bit to get my hands on the first book in a new duology, VESPERTINE. In it, Artemisia is a nun who specializes in ensuring the souls of the dead pass on and don’t become ravenous spirits who attack the living. When her convent is attacked, Artemisia is forced to turn to a revenant trapped in a relict to fend off the attackers to unravel the mystery behind this new rising evil. This set up is absolutely begging for an enemies-to-lovers storyline, with a ghostly twist, and I’m very excited to read it next month!

 A Spindle Splintered  55742920._sy475_

Release Date: October 5th, 2021

The author of THE TEN THOUSAND DOORS OF JANUARY and ONCE AND FUTURE WITCHES is taking a break from meaty standalones to publish a new series of novellas! It imagines a multiverse of fairy tales where people can cross over in the right circumstances, which is what happens to Zinnia Gray the night of her twenty-first birthday. A young woman dying of a mutation in her genes, she’s been obsessed with the Sleeping Beauty mythology since she was a little girl. When she accidentally gets transported from our world to a fantasy kingdom, she becomes determined to save the princess there from suffering a similar Sleeping Beauty fate. It looks like the books are going to follow different characters in this multiverse, so if you love a good spin on fairy tales, this may be for you!

Release Date: October 12th, 2021

A YA entry that I’ve seen a few social media posts compare to having Zuko/Katarra vibes, JADE FIRE GOLD is about an heir to the throne who crosses paths with a “no one” with a mysterious past, and the two team up to reclaim the heir’s throne. I likely won’t have time to check this one out this year, but it’s a strong contender for my 2022 TBR!

And those are the books I’m most anticipating – what’s on your list?

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