Monthly Wrap-Up: January 2022

2022 is off to a great start! (At least when it comes to reading.) I made some amazing series progress (more below) and am set up to finish some series next month! More impressively for me, I had two posts do some really great traffic this month. In one, I examined my time this year with StoryGraph, including things I liked and places where it has room for improvement. In the other, I took a look at the stigma around book bloggers who create blogs to “get free stuff” and why financial reasons make this a perfectly valid reason to blog, not the great evil that some make it out to be. Both posts are linked below if you haven’t read them yet!

Great Series Read Update

This was an exceptional month for the Great Series Read Project! First off, I took a big step (for me) and reread RED SISTER. As someone who doesn’t reread often, this was a huge deal for me! I then ALSO managed to read GREY SISTER this month! This series has been “in progress” for two years and I’m so excited I’m finally read the second book – if I read HOLY SISTER in February, I’ll actually be done!

I also made progress on three other series! After detouring to read some of the novellas, I read book 3 of the SKYWARD series, CYTONIC; one more novella and I’ll be caught up through current releases. I also read book 2 of THE ILLUMINAE FILES, GEMINA, as well as the third book in THE HEROES OF SPIRA series, THE GREATWOOD PORTAL. All of those series are backlist, which was something I wanted to focus on this year, so I’m very happy! Hoping to finish/be caught up on up to three series by the end of next month, we’ll see how things go, especially as I keep forgetting how short February is.

Reviews/Books Read

RED SISTER by Mark Lawrence – 4/5 Stars (reread)
CYTONIC by Brandon Sanderson – 3.5/5 Stars
ENGINES OF EMPIRE by R.S. Ford – 3.5/5 Stars
GEMINA by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff – 4.5/5 Stars
SERVANT MAGE by Kate Elliott – 2.5/5 Stars
GREY SISTER by Mark Lawrence – 4/5 Stars
THE GREATWOOD PORTAL by Dorian Hart – Currently Reading

Notable Posts

Top Five Books I Missed in 2021
StoryGraph vs. Goodreads – The Good & the Bad
Video Games I’m Playing: 01/18/22
Blogging to Get Free Books: Sometimes Necessary, Not Evil

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  1. You did amazingly well!! And I keep forgetting about the lenght (or the lack of) of February!! It is just that after January (that is long and to me it lasted way more than 31 days, or this was the feeling anyway) it doesn’t seem possible to have a short month!

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