Video Games I’m Playing: 08/09/20

Like many people, I've had more time on my hands ever since the pandemic hit.  While this has meant more reading time, it's also meant more time to explore my backlog of video games - to the point where I've actually started and beaten a surprising number of games. Some of these have been big... Continue Reading →

Things I Love: Rediscovering SKYRIM

It should have been a slam dunk game for me to love.  Quests that set you out to save the world, check.  Fights with dragons, check.  Dialogue options with NPCs, check. The ability to become a two-legged cat-person that sneaks and snipes people with remarkable archery skill, check.  And yet, until a few weeks ago, I... Continue Reading →

The PS5 Games I’m Most Excited About

In a normal year, June would be the time of the annual E3 conference, when game developers from around the world come together to announce the shiny new things that we'll be playing in the hopefully not too distant future. Of course, this isn't a normal year, so instead of packing the announcements into one... Continue Reading →

What I’m Playing: 10/07/19

It's been a bit since I've checked in on my other favorite pastimes: playing video games!  Here's what I'm currently exploring and enjoying: SLAY THE SPIRE This is my go-to game when I need something quick I can pick up and put down easily, or when I'm just not in the mood for anything that's... Continue Reading →


This week's Things I Love is turning to video games, because I absolutely have to gush about the game I'm currently playing.  I went in with fairly low expectations and it is now consuming every spare moment I spend on games.  Today, I come to you to wax poetic about the delightful CHILD OF LIGHT. ... Continue Reading →

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