November 2020 Book Haul

Second-to-last haul of the year! After splurging a bit during my birthday month, I've gone back to being more selective in what I acquire, especially as my ARC backlog is still a bit out of control. Hopefully in the quiet months of December and January I'll get the pile more in hand. Unfortunately for my... Continue Reading →

October 2020 Book Haul

October was a good month for hauling books! There were freebies, birthday gifts, ARCs I had completely given up all hope of receiving. Sure, I'm more buried in reads than ever, but they all look so shiny and wonderful, how could I possibly say no? So let's see what has fallen into my lap, shall... Continue Reading →

September 2020 Book Haul

Once again, I thought I was going to get through the whole month without acquiring any new books for my shelves, and then ARC approvals came in back-to-back! It's a small haul, but I'm incredibly excited about both these books. Next month is my birthday month, so I anticipate having a few more physical copies... Continue Reading →

August 2020 Book Haul

Last haul of the summer!  As I've taken a look at the review copies I already have on hand, as well as the books I plan on purchasing and reading by the end of the year, I've made myself be much, MUCH more restrained in my ARC requests this month. That means a quick haul... Continue Reading →

July 2020 Book Haul

Sequels, sequels, everywhere! I've been making good this year on my pledge to stay on top of series, and that means acquiring more sequels!  That includes the long-awaited return of the DRESDEN FILES, and an ARC for the sequel to one of my favorite YA reads from 2019.  But all those sequels didn't stop a standalone... Continue Reading →

June 2020 Book Haul

This has been a highly unusual month, in that I've added almost no ARCs to my shelves!  We're clearly in the calm before the storm of fall release season, as there haven't been as many titles I've wanted to request (and I'm sure COVID isn't helping matters either).  Regardless, I still managed to snag some... Continue Reading →

May 2020 Book Haul

Somehow we've gotten through May!  The ARC collection has picked up a bit, in part inspired by some accepted review requests in the wake of SPFBO 6 beginning.  On top of that, I FINALLY got my hands on some very anticipated releases!  So let's see what the book fairies left on my doorstep this month,... Continue Reading →

April 2020 Book Haul

In all honesty, half way through the month of April, I was convinced that I was not going to have a single thing to talk about in my monthly book haul.  ARCs are drying up due to difficulties shipping, release dates are being pushed, and I was trying to be a responsible reader and tackle... Continue Reading →

March 2020 Book Haul

A truly small haul this month!  Between coronavirus and my own restraint on requesting ARCs of late, I've just added a handful of things to my shelf, but what pretty shiny things they are! Purchases BLOOD TALLY by Brian McClellan In March, I read the novella UNCANNY COLLATERAL and really loved the urban fantasy adventure... Continue Reading →

February 2020 Book Haul

It was a fairly quiet month for new hauls, a fact I'm embracing given my desire to turn my attention to my backlist pile.  Even so, I've gotten my hands on some books I'm very excited to read, so let's dive in, shall we? Bought CHARMCASTER by Sebastien de Castell I managed to stay fairly... Continue Reading →

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