Things I Love – The Ragtag Ship Crew Trope (#RRSciFiMonth)

If there's one trope I love across all forms of media, it's "a group of misfits comes together to do a thing."  It's a reason I love heist movies, and it's also a reason I'm a fan of that sci-fi sub-genre "small crew on a spaceship takes on a galaxy."  It's why I'm drawn to... Continue Reading →

Things I Love: COWBOY BEBOP’s Realistic Sci-Fi Setting (#RRSciFi Month)

I recently finished a months-long project to watch COWBOY BEBOP, the classic anime about a ragtag team of space bounty hunters getting into scraps from one end of the galaxy to the other.  I enjoyed the characters, the music, the noir-ish elements during critical episodes.  But for #RRSciFiMonth, I wanted to write about one particular... Continue Reading →

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