Things I Love: Rediscovering SKYRIM

It should have been a slam dunk game for me to love.  Quests that set you out to save the world, check.  Fights with dragons, check.  Dialogue options with NPCs, check. The ability to become a two-legged cat-person that sneaks and snipes people with remarkable archery skill, check.  And yet, until a few weeks ago, I... Continue Reading →

Things I Love: Book Recaps!

We've all been there.  A new book in a series comes out, and we rush to read it, eager to return to our favorite characters.  We love this book so much, picking up the sequel is just like settling down with old friends...except you meet a character and you can't quite place who they are,... Continue Reading →


This week's Things I Love is turning to video games, because I absolutely have to gush about the game I'm currently playing.  I went in with fairly low expectations and it is now consuming every spare moment I spend on games.  Today, I come to you to wax poetic about the delightful CHILD OF LIGHT. ... Continue Reading →

Things I Love: Mercy Thompson

As part of this month's Wyrd and Wonder, I wanted to give a shout out to a character and series that is near and dear to my heart. Mercy Thompson entered my life when I was suffering from a commute from hell, sometimes up to two hours in each direction, and audio books were my... Continue Reading →

Things I Love:Map-Making in HOLLOW KNIGHT

Over Christmas break, I picked up a variety of small games.  Most were impulse buys, but the one I'd been desperate to get my hands on was HOLLOW KNIGHT.  I love side-scrolling metroidvania type games.  There's something about the light puzzle solving of unlocking new areas, combined with figuring out the rhythms to defeat certain... Continue Reading →

#LoveYourBookstore – Bookstores I Love

It's Love Your Bookstore Week!   This weekend I celebrated by visiting a bookstore in person (twist my arm) and participated in the Love Your Bookstore Challenge.  Today I wanted to wax poetic about some of the bookstores I have loved in my life. The Last Bookstore Tucked away in downtown Los Angeles, The Last Bookstore... Continue Reading →

Things I Love: The Action of MISTBORN

Welcome to another installment of Things I Love!  This week, we're discussing a very specific facet of a series I adore - MISTBORN by Brandon Sanderson. There are many things to love about MISTBORN, from the characters to the setting to the plot (who doesn't love a good fantasy heist?), but what really made this... Continue Reading →

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